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Spring has arrived in Gielinor – hop on down to our new seasonal hub!
Blooming Burrows
New seasonal hub and Easter Bunny quest!
Spring is in the air, and chocolate is everywhere! It's time to embark on a whimsical adventure at RuneScape's new and beautifully blossoming Easter hub - the Blooming Burrow…

Within this serene land of plenty, the Easter Bunny has been catching up on his beauty sleep, leaving his nephews and nieces to work on all things egg related. But – uh-oh! He’s overslept, and now the bunnies need your help getting back on track!
Hop on down to the Blooming Burrow, your new seasonal hub, from March 18th until April 8th! Help Cocoa Bunny come up with some new chocolate flavours in the new seasonal quest, collect spring tokens from the different skilling activities around the burrow to earn themed rewards from the Grand Eggs-change, and try your hand at the Egg Hunts for more spring-tastic goodies.

Read all about the Blooming Burrow, and how you can get your hands on these smashing seasonal rewards here!

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