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10,000 Gold​

From the Main Menu, choose Password, then choose Long. Enter the following to start a new game with 10,000 Gold instead of 600 and five units already built.

0000000000000000 0348663180000000 0000000000000000

Level passwords​

At the password screen, select "Short".

Level 0209566851
Level 03F9586BFC
Level 0469596A0E
Level 05DF5C6D9C
Level 06555E6C11
Level 07CB416FA7
Level 0847446E3F
Level 09C34861B0
Level 109B5760D8


From the Main Menu, choose Password, then choose Short. Enter one of the following.

View Ending19700328
View Ending Credits04866588
View Head Master Screen00000119
View Winner Screen00000110
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