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  • Extra Power-Ups
Kick the power-up pods after they've dropped their goodies and they'll drop two more.
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  • No Damage In Level One
After you beat the second boss (the guy made out of blocks) and you begin sliding down the hill, go left until you are off the screen. In this way you'll take no damage on the way down.
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  • Rotate Title
To make the title logo rotate down instead of up, press Down before the logo begins to spin.
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  • Unlimited Health Power-Ups
In Level five, be on the lookout for the last power up pod that shows up. If you go too fast you'll miss it. That power up pod drops health power ups. Unlike the usual ones where they drop only about 2 or 3. This one keeps dropping power ups every time you kick it. You can gain vitality points of up to 999! Be careful though as the enemies can destroy this pod!
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  • Weapon Mixing
Okay here is what you get when mixing your weapons. To mix your weapons press A until both weapons are solid and not blinking.

Fire with Fire- A huge flame that goes across the entire screen.Very Affective.

Lightning with Lightning- A huge Laser sword that kills enemies, even bosses, very fast.

Chaser with Chaser-(The best weapon you can have!)- Unlimited amounts of fire power in the form of stars. You can get through a level relatively un-hit with this weapon.

Rapid Fire with Rapid Fire- Rapid fire with bigger bullets.

Lightning with Fire- A small Laser sword, but still affective.

Lightning with Chaser- A laser that shots in four directions.

Lightning with Rapid Fire- Same as Rapid Fire with Rapid Fire only this shots in a strait Line.

Chaser with Fire- A huge fireball goes across the screen.

Rapid Fire with Fire- When this large bullet hits the target it will explode into a large fire circle.
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