Guitar Hero Drum Kit


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Does anyone know why I can't buy the guitar hero drum kit separately over here in Ireland? It seem's so stupid to me because I have the game and the guitar already, very annoying situation.
Order trough the interent if the stores dont sell any, but beware wich one you buy

The have made two different drumsets and one off the i know so many people have complained about that they dont work after a few days, cant remember wich one it is tought but a quick google search will explain more
Thanks I'd really appreciate that, all the american sites I find don,t ship abroad but I was thinking the difference in main voltage might be the reason, our electricity here might blow up an american drum kit.
Check electronic stores near you, I don't know if you have like Best Buy, Radioshack, or Fry's near you but those would have it.
do a little more work and get a cheaper kit.its up to you. most people here just peice a kit together or if they have the tools and shills just fabricate it.

Through the fire and the flames on guitar hero 3 was what made it the best out of all of them tbh. If the dragonforce song in this one is as hard, on expert, then Ill be sure to get it. Guitar hero 4 and 5 were just bad imo especially 5
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