GDC 2024 - AMD Ryzen™ Processor Software Optimization

Get the competitive edge for AI, data center, business computing solutions & gaming with AMD processors, graphics, FPGAs, Adaptive SOCs, & software.


GDC 2024 - AMD Ryzen™ Processor Software Optimization

Break through CPU bottlenecks to reach higher frames-per-second and more builds-per-day equipped with AMD Game Engineering's expertise forged through its rich history of partnerships with AAA game developers!

Learn about exciting AMD Ryzen™ products featuring advanced processor and graphics technologies powering today's laptop, desktop, and workstation PCs.

Dive into data flow, simultaneous multi-threading, resource sharing, instruction set evolution, cache hierarchies, and coherency. Unlock powerful profiling tools and application analysis techniques using the Windows Performance Analyzer, Concurrency Visualizer, and AMD uProf. Discover best practices and lessons learned. Upgrade system software and build settings. Attack valuable code optimization opportunities. Examples include C/C++, assembly, and hardware performance-monitoring counters.

This talk covers the micro-architecture of modern AMD CPUs, followed by optimizations, frequent issues, and benchmarking best practices to make games run faster!
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