Gauntlet - Seven Sorrows

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[h=1]Gauntlet - Seven Sorrows (NTSC-U)[/HEADING]
TopAlways Disable HUDCode Master42CF1BD9 36B717A7
TopIdiot AI Always OnCode MasterB2CA7CC3 047DCD05
TopInvincible Always OnCode Master70CEB5CC 31E49D43
TopP1 Press L1+Down To Enable HUDCode MasterFE9A730B 3B43126C
TopP1 Press L1+Left To Enable Idiot AICode Master3611CEF7 D8A60845
177A1F21 C35C3449
TopP1 Press L1+Right To Enable Idiot AICode Master936B5040 514C686E
B2CA7CC3 047DCD05
TopP1 Press L1+Up To Disable HUDCode MasterD69016CE AFE2FB30
42CF1BD9 36B717A7
TopP1 Press L2+Down To Disable InvincibilityCode MasterAAC30D6E 42F8E846
70CEB5CC 31E49D43
TopP1 Press L2+Up To Enable InvincibilityCode Master84CCEFCE 3ED5AA8B
70CEB5CC 31E49D43
TopGold Doesn't Decrease When Purchasing AttacksCode Master828955DE 778A3F4B
TopGold Increases When Purchasing AttacksCode MasterAA3EEE4A AF8FE112
TopMax GoldCode Master477AB19C F301241D
04BC5E43 1EC25848
EF9C4908 64D3B3D2
CFC21E72 EE2FB089
8D991DA2 E3D7EDF1
TopView Attack To Own ItCode Master698B3A82 4A074A26
B7E4A598 654C6776
13D73C8C 0BFE3A0A
TopMax DamageCode MasterF9DFCD9B 8350B319
010F58BF B24888CA
TopMax HealthCode MasterF8C0F697 520D3199
1619C8E6 01331FD6
TopMax Mana RegenCode MasterB20257B4 26729A78
CD15D038 D4B84171
AEC39A1C 598A96A0
TopMax Points To SpendCode Master3466A5B8 0D5A59EB
C37C258C 99817126
54088B45 6A958A7F
E37866EB E96AB834
TopPoints Don't Decrease When Purchasing StatsCode Master56D0532F 4B28D46D
708B1C10 33B85F24
0714B385 98AF4DC8
TopPoints Increase When Purchasing StatsCode Master2ECA2162 FE9D0F1D
2086FF01 CADDD841
TopExtra LivesCode Master5467295D 6C65A618
TopInfinite HealthCode MasterE93E5E5D ADA834D8
E9FC54AC 172D0780
55103FEA EDCE30A6
D19C3AFA 60E1DE98
481D7184 595E182A
TopInfinite LivesCode Master54A79B3F DA53C687
TopInfinite MagicCode Master8D29FD72 7331056C
8214CE05 9B4C5D7A
5E51AF2B 18633343
E744B99A 1FD6EB87
B6D5C27B 94883D6C
TopInfinite Magic UsageCode Master3D836B62 F6128659
TopMax Infinite LivesCode Master76040956 3BB1EC51
TopQuick Max Hit Combo GainCode Master6E1A93DC 9FF31491
TopSuper Quick Max Hit Combo GainCode Master422DE264 6619614F
TopUltra Quick Max Hit Combo GainCode MasterFDB09B7F 8EF112CF
TopGold Never DecreasesCodejunkies02C6-DHJR-Z53HP
TopHave Quick Level UpMadCatz76059180 00000000
2816EDAF 01969C01
2816EDB1 B1B94765
2816ED57 0B2B7AF1
283A6654 784269F7
TopHave Quick Level UpMadCatz2816EDAF 01969C01
2816EDB1 B1B94765
2816ED57 0B2B7AF1
283A6654 784269F7
TopInfinite GoldMadCatz760955A0 00000000
2816ED65 0196CC37
2816ED6F F7561265
2816EDF1 8496E4F7
2816EDF2 F8AA7AF1
2816EDCF 0C13652F
282D1982 784269F2
TopInfinite GoldMadCatz2816ED65 0196CC37
2816ED6F F7561265
2816EDF1 8496E4F7
2816EDF2 F8AA7AF1
2816EDCF 0C13652F
282D1982 784269F2
TopInfinite HealthMadCatz76068230 00000000
2816EDD8 01965B05
2816EDED 845672A9
TopInfinite HealthMadCatz2816EDD8 01965B05
2816EDED 845672A9
TopInfinite LivesMadCatz760660C0 00000000
2804E18B 0CA57A65
TopInfinite LivesMadCatz2804E18B 0CA57A65
TopInfinite LivesCodejunkiesX71Z-8UAN-MN89R
TopInfinite ManaMadCatz76063A40 00000000
2816EDD0 0196AA7C
2816ED0C 84567CD6
TopInfinite ManaMadCatz2816EDD0 0196AA7C
2816ED0C 84567CD6
TopInfinite ManaCodejunkies64GD-0CJN-6N1GE
TopInfinite PointsMadCatz760F7280 00000000
2816ED03 6F9B7A4F
2816EDF7 F8AA7AF1
2816ED54 849B85F2
282DEAB6 784269F1
TopInfinite PointsMadCatz2816ED03 6F9B7A4F
2816EDF7 F8AA7AF1
2816ED54 849B85F2
282DEAB6 784269F1
TopInfinite Upgrade PointsCodejunkiesYA9M-CD8X-P18VT
TopSuper CombosCodejunkiesDNJY-MBXZ-0YC7P
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