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SO DREAMCASTIC CHANNEL over on youtube does a bunch of cool dreamcast videos and one section is devoted to games that were announced for dreamcast but didn't make it. I only watched one of his videos on that subject as its tough to see what might have been :cry: but dang there were some amazing games that we didn't get but were announced for this ahead of its time console. Is any one out there looking into maybe buying the rights to and then finishing ANY of these games? I know at least one, OUTCAST, did get put on PC but didn't get a port to the DC as was intended. even that one would be great to get on DC as it looks awesome and i don't have an old computer to run it. I mean why not complete them (I'm not a tec guy but they are partly done and old seems like they could be finished with out as much fuss as a new game) and sell them to a loyal and ready for new content fan base? like the dreamcast has!
These games are exactly what i think a lot of DC fans want and would bring in more people to the current DC scene!. so more customers for them.
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