Fisherman bait 2nd (big ol bass) [u]

GameShark & Pro Action Replay Codes for the PS1 aka the PSX.


Vassal dood;3
***Fisherman bait 2nd (big ol bass) slus_00999 ***

@changin tha dificulty@ (quickly, instantly, anytimes, without need to goin to option mode) (+1)

800A6992 | 000x

0: easy
4: normal
7: hard

@stage jumper@ (world monster mode only!) (+1)

800C149C | 000x

0: usa
1: japan
3: brazil
4: united kindom
5: egypt
6: china
7: unknown<crash tha game>

@fishin location jumper@ (can be used on "free fishin" nor vs "play only"!!!) (+1)

800C14C0 | 000x

0: pine lake
1: mirror lake
2: clearwater lake
3: willow lake
4: breaver lake
5: kitaura
6: yamanaka lake
7: fish lake
8: green lake
9: switchin lake mode into stage mode? thats rite dood, just tested if you dunt belived :3)

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