F355 Challenge Nascar Arcade Mod

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We all love F355 Challenge as it is become one of the Dreamcast classics, we also all love the 80's metal soundtrack. However after years of playing this game the 3 tracks can get a little repetitive. So i thought i swap the music with another arcade classic that sadly never left the arcade. The classic Nascar arcade had a amazing soundtrack by Jun Senoue and the band Son's of Angles (aka Crush 40 to all sonic fans) so i replaced most of the music (Was a pain due to the .afs format) I don't have a isozone account so if you want to upload it there by all means go for it. Been making a few of these but some don't really work out like Samba De Amegio Mj edition
Download: File sharing and storage made simple

Web Browser intact and go's to the revived Dreampipe site
(Though i had to remove the built in .sfd movie for space but i ripped it and uploaded it here
Dreamcast F355 Challenge Website Video - YouTube)
Music is high quality and has no scratchy noises

Credits: This iso is from the RDC version of f355 all credit goes to him
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