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final kaoss

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Enhances Palworld's world visuals by disabling a few post-processing effects and enabling a few, with an optional increase in the internal resolution of the game.

The effects that were disabled include, but are not limited to, fog, depth of field, lens flare, bloom. This also enables a few effects such as anisotropic filtering and sharpen to make the game a bit sharper.

Update: I added a new preset titled (Epic). It increases the draw distance, shadow resolution, models, and environment LODs, including foliage, while also improving Ambient Occlusion quality. Additionally, there's another preset titled (Epic Plus) this one enables SSGI along with SSR. If you have a really strong PC, you can go with Real Epic, but I personally recommend Epic since SSGI and SSR may not always look good.


drop the pak file in Pal\Content\Paks\~mods

create the ~mods folder

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Any support is appreciated
You can contact me for requests and commissions on my discord or through nexus.

Discord: FrancisLouis#6111

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