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Various Trophies​

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 4 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlockType
AdeptReach Level 10Bronze
Alduin's WallComplete "Alduin's Wall"Bronze
ApprenticeReach Level 5Bronze
ArtificerMake a smithed item, an enchanted item, and a potionBronze
Bleak Falls BarrowComplete "Bleak Falls Barrow"Bronze
BlessedSelect a Standing Stone blessingBronze
Blood OathBecome a member of the CircleBronze
Bound Until DeathComplete "Bound Until Death"Bronze
CitizenBuy a houseBronze
Daedric InfluenceAcquire a Daedric ArtifactBronze
Darkness ReturnsComplete "Darkness Returns"Bronze
DelverClear 50 dungeonsSilver
Diplomatic ImmunityComplete "Diplomatic Immunity"Bronze
Dragon HunterAbsorb 20 dragon soulsBronze
Dragon SoulAbsorb a dragon soulBronze
DragonslayerComplete "Dragonslayer"Gold
Elder KnowledgeComplete "Elder Knowledge"Bronze
ExpertReach Level 25Bronze
ExplorerDiscover 100 LocationsSilver
GatekeeperJoin the College of WinterholdBronze
Glory of the DeadComplete "Glory of the Dead"Silver
Golden TouchHave 100,000 goldSilver
Hail Sithis!Complete "Hail Sithis!"Silver
Hard WorkerChop wood, mine ore, and cook foodBronze
Hero of SkyrimCapture Solitude or WindhelmSilver
Hero of the PeopleComplete 50 Misc ObjectivesBronze
MarriedGet marriedBronze
MasterReach Level 50Silver
Master CriminalBounty of 1000 gold in all nine holdsBronze
Oblivion WalkerCollect 15 Daedric ArtifactsSilver
One with the ShadowsReturned the Thieves Guild to its former glorySilver
Platinum TrophyCollect all other 50 Trophies for this TrophyPlatinum
ReaderRead 50 Skill BooksBronze
Revealing the UnseenComplete "Revealing the Unseen"Bronze
SidewaysComplete 10 side questsBronze
Skill MasterGet a skill to 100Silver
Snake TongueSuccessfully persuade, bribe, and intimidateBronze
Standing StonesFind 13Silver
Take Up ArmsJoin the CompanionsBronze
Taking Care of BusinessJoin the Thieves GuildBronze
Taking SidesJoin the Stormcloaks or the Imperial ArmyBronze
The Eye of MagnusComplete "The Eye of Magnus"Silver
The FallenComplete "The Fallen"Bronze
The Way of the VoiceComplete "The Way of the Voice"Bronze
ThiefPick 50 locks and 50 pocketsSilver
Thu'um MasterLearn 20 shoutsSilver
UnboundComplete "Unbound"Bronze
WantedEscape from jailBronze
War HeroCapture Fort Sungard or Fort GreenwallBronze
With Friends Like These…Join the Dark BrotherhoodBronze
Words of PowerLearn all three words of a shoutBronze
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