Egg Incubator - Refined Incubator Suggestion

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Darth Dorky

Issue: The breeding seems to be one of the main focuses of this game. The base-level egg incubator is unlocked at level 7, and there are no better versions or upgrades to make it more effective.

A) Create a "Refined Incubator" around the level 30-40 tier. This would increase incubation speeds by 25-50% and require a number of Refined Ingots, Paldium, High Quality Cloth, and 150-200% the Ancient Civ Parts of the regular Egg Incubator. Possibly add Flame/Ice Organs to the reagents list to address the reduced incubation speeds and give the perception that it's a more versatile version with some cooling/heating capabilities without changing environmental temperature calculations.


B) Allow Egg Incubators to be upgraded. Add an "Upgrade" prompt for the [5] key below the [4] key prompt for "Repair". Then, using either a premade kit (Like the repair kit) or materials directly from inventory, upgrade the Egg incubator with High Quality Cloth, additional Ancient Civ parts, and maybe even a few flame/ice organs to give the perception of the incubator's upgraded temperature versatility.
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