Ecco 2: The Tides of Time

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Cheat Menu​

To bring up the map screen, use Ecco the dolphin's sonar. Now press Left, 1, 2, 1, 2, Down, 2, Up. A new Cheat Menu will be available.

Level Passwords​

At the start of the game, swim left to enter the password screen.

BCCGB02 Vents of Medusa
BDGAA03 Maze of Stone
GEGEI04 Sea of Darkness
VFFCB05 DDD Swimming
AEACK06 Skyway
FHCUA07 Tube of Medusa
AMBAL08 DDD Swimming (2)
BBBOJ09 Getaway
MQEGC10 Asterite Cave
RFGLJ11 The Eye
AAKWA12 Deep Ridge
XHFKJ13 Sea of Birds
GGKWI14 Convergence
XDCPB15 DDD Swimming (3)
QBHSA16 Vortex Future
FSXEK17 Globe Holder
WPDCM18 Convergence (2)
KFDTH19 DDD Swimming (4)
QJHGE20 New Machine
XMHGM21 Vortex Queen
KBHTP23 DDD Swimming (5)
UNLSE24 Atlantis
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