Ducati World (PAL)

Gameshark Codes & CDX Cheat Codes for the Dreamcast

final kaoss

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[h=3]Ducati World (PAL)[/HEADING] Pots Of Cash
30C11A1A 0000270F
6DE3551C 0000270F
Basic I
30015A06 00000004
Basic II
6D1B1500 00000004
BFB644CC 00000001
EFE766D5 00000004
Start & Stop 1
CFEB99B9 00000001
Basic Cornering 1
FEA9E8C7 00000001
Basic Cornering 2
58B70916 00000001
Basic Cornering 3
900874B6 00000001
Full Lap
EE3766D5 00000001
Start & Stop 2
2EA71D04 00000001
Advance Corner 1
77F5AD43 00000001
Bike Control 1
AED32FD0 00000001
Accuracy 1
FE19E8C7 00000001
Accuracy 2
31F15A06 00000001
Bike Control 2
85E3F341 00000001
Bike Control 3
CF3B99B9 00000001
Advance Corner 2
2E171D04 00000001
Maneuvering 1
58670916 00000001
Maneuvering 2
AEA32FD0 00000001
Speed Control 1
BFC644CC 00000001
Speed Accuracy 1
199468D0 00000001
Speed Control 2
416A6188 00000001
Maneuvering 3
917874B6 00000001
Speed Control 3
D108FD9E 00000001

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