Does anyone else blame PS2 for Dreamcasts Death?

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I blame Sony and the PS2 alone for DC's death.

with all the flat out LIES they told about what the PS2 was going to be. I have an issue of PSM from right after PS2 was announced that made like the PS2 was going to have online features that make the current PSN and Xbox live look dated. did it ever happen?? nope, they just said it to counter the DCs online and seganets MTV launch.

Also look at all the flatout BULLSHOTS of PS2 games, tekken Gran Turismo 2000, dark cloud, almost every game showed some crazy shot that looks more like PS3. FF8 recreation anyone?! Sony lied and made people hesitate on getting a Dreamcast. its the truth, i was in high school back then and almost everyone said they would get a DC but the PS2 was "GOING TO BE SO MUCH BETTER" Sony with foolish statements like "ps2 will be infinitely powerful!" "we can render individual hair on characters heads" "125 million polygons!"they said that! so sorry for the ps2 hate but i see the ps2 as holding gaming back years with its death grip on the business.
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