DC Katana HKT-01 - Dev.Box for sale in Hungary

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First of: no, I'm not the one who is selling it, I only found it as well on a hungarian website (of all places): Jófogás - Magyarország legnagyobb apróhirdetési oldala!

Whether it was looked at by someone who knows about these, found nothing on it and just sold it on or whether it is a still unexplored unit I don't know, since the seller says nothing about its origin or content. He basically only says that the unit is tested and in working order and it comes with 2 SCSI terminators (?) and cables.

The seller is asking 200 000 Hungarian Forint for it, which in US dollars is about 1000 $ or less.

I'm just putting it out here if someone is interested in it, or letting some one else on Error | ASSEMbler - Home of the obscure or somewhere else know about it. Might have something on it, who knows?
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