Converted Codes for Gran Turismo 4 (PAL)


here are some converted codes for the PAL Version of GT4. The original NTSC codes were taken from this site.

All cars allowed
201A2BD8 03E00008
201A2BDC 00000000

No length limit
201A1C04 24020000

No weight limit
201A1B5C 24020000

No tyre type restriction
201A1978 24050000

No HP restriction
201A1A0C 24020000

No engine type restriction
201A1848 24050000

No drivetrain type restriction
201A17B0 24050000

No car type restriction
201A18E0 24050000

Model year from 1900 required
201A2748 2405076C

Model year up to 2025 required
201A27AC 240507E9

All codes have been tested and found working.

Unfortunately, there's one exception. The "No country car restriction" code 201A2690 24050000 (201A2668 24050000 NTSC) works only partially.
Like the other codes, it removes the red text indicating which race conditions have or haven't been met, but the player is still not able to enter the race with a wrong car.
The same happens at address 201A2680 - the text is gone but the code has no other effect.
Could someone please help me try to find out, why this code doesn't work?
Thanks in advance.
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