ChuChu Rocket trademark re-registered by Sega

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Seriously Sega, What's With All These Dreamcast Trademarks? - Siliconera

Seriously Sega, Whatâ?Ts With All These Dreamcast Trademarks?
By Spencer . December 31, 2008 . 3:31am

On one hand Sega has been moving forward with new franchises like Valkyria Chronicles and Sands of Destruction. On the other, well at least in the USA, Sega seems interested in their past.

In another Sega trademark search we discovered ChuChu Rocket was re-registered by Sega USA on December 22, 2008. Does this mean Sega is secretly working on reviving ChuChu Rocket as an online enabled Xbox Live Arcade game? Hopefully yes, but not necessarily.

This year Sega has re-registered lots names for Dreamcast titles like Sonic Shuffle, Cosmic Smash, Jet Grind Radio, and Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram. Like we mentioned before these are probably protective trademarks, but it is strange to see Sega spend money, and registering trademarks costs quite a bit of money, to protect so many game names. Interestingly, in the case of ChuChu Rocket the previous trademark isnâ?Tt even expired. So why would Sega spend all of this money to protect names of games that arenâ?Tt even their hot properties? Is Sega going to pull a Nintendo with a â?oNew Play Controlâ? series of their own?

They are so planning something......I just don't know what. Reworks for the next gen' consoles or you know what :D
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