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Castlevania - Dracula X

Duck tip

On any enemy, duck and when you are hit, you won't fly back into a pit or other object. This will not work if you are using your whip, or on a spinning gear (clock tower). This is very useful when battling Dracula when he uses his huge 2 fire ball attacks.
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Count Dracula

On his first form, stand on middle pillar and use the boomerang to hit him. Be careful because he may appear on the same pillar that you are on. When he "appears and he is on one of the pillars that you can see duck facing the right of the screen, if he throws the 3 small fireballs hit them with your whip to save your life, when he uses his 2 big fire ball attack just duck! It's best to collect 99 hearts before battle and do not use the item Crash on his first form. By the time you kick his first forms butt you should have 80 some hearts left.

2nd form, it would be wise to attack on the far right pillars stand on the low one the big pillar will protect you from flying into a pit. Defeat his first form on the far left of the screen and don't jump when theres a flash of light (during transformation) wait until his whole body can be seen, use item crashes (button X) to kill him. If he has some life left hit him anywhere with your whip. When he is finally dead (using my password) you will see the good ending!!!!

Don't worry about the meat that's in Draculas Room, it is only a distraction.
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HW= holy water
A= axe
N= nothing

N N HW You will have the Boomerang!

HW= Holy Water, A= Axe, H= Heart, N= Nothing

A A A Stage 2

A A N Stage 3

N HW HW Stage 4

F HW A Stage 5

HW N HW Stage 6

A N H Stage 7
RE: Castlevania - Dracula X

Leaping tip

Look where you leap. One of the most annoying enemies in the game are those that appear suddenly from the edge of the screen. This includes the bats, ravens, and Medusa heads. If you blindly leap to a platform or gear, these enemies may suddenly appear and knock Richter below to his death. On levels that are infested with flying Medusa heads, it's best to wait and kill the next one that appears before making a jump.
RE: Castlevania - Dracula X

Backwards leap

Master the backwards leap by quickly pressing the jump button twice. While this technique initially appears to be useless, it is essential for escaping certain enemy attacks.
RE: Castlevania - Dracula X

Heart points tip

Conserve your heart points for the level's end boss. Bosses that seem almost impossible to defeat are often made quick work of by rapidly attacking them with a special weapon. Using a special weapon on skeletons, bats, and Medusa heads is extremely wasteful and could be better used in the most desperate situations.
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Unlimited continues tip

Take advantage of the unlimited continues and password functions of the game. If you find yourself at the beginning of a level with no extra lives, very few heart points, and a special weapon that you don't like, it's best to kill yourself off and restart the level. You now at least have some extra lives and the entire level to collect heart points and a special weapon before you take on the boss.
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Richter walks backwards

Richter can walk backwards. Press and hold the attack button then pull in the opposite direction that Richter is facing. This technique allows the player to move away from an enemy and then immediately launch an attack.
RE: Castlevania - Dracula X

Get items over and over

Climb up and down stairs to enter/exit certain screens. Items in candles can be retrieved again and again by doing this. This is especially helpful when trying to regain full health and collect heart points just before a tough boss.
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Stage 1: Burning Town

This level is pretty straight forward enough. Here you'll meet the usual skeletons and bats but nothing necessarily threatening. Beware of the steps that flip over when you leap onto them. The giant beast that pursues Richter cannot be defeated with weapons. Keep ahead of it and at the end of this section it will automatically destroy itself. There is some food hidden in the stairs right before you encounter the first boss.

Boss: Keruberosu
The best weapon against this boss is the axe. The stage 1 boss attacks with flames that travel along the ground. Keruberosu also attacks by leaping quickly and pouncing on Richter. Be careful when it fires a flame (you'll hear it even when not on the screen) as the boss will soon afterwards pounce. Leap over the flame while attacking with the axe. Keep launching the axes even when Keruberosu is not on the screen and whip it when is moves on in. You will likely take some hits, but you should have no problem outlasting it.

Stage 2: Gate and Entrance to Evil Castle

The first part of this stage can be tricky. Be careful of two areas on the walkway to the castle (both shaped like a horizontally reversed number seven) as both will collapse when Richter sets foot. Leap off immediately. The next part is a bridge suspended by pillars. As soon as you leap on, the bridge will start to crumble. Make haste as fast as you possibly can. You may even have to leap to keep ahead of the destruction. While sounding simple enough, the fishmen leap from below to hinder your progress. If you take a single hit, you will be unable to recover and will be knocked below to your death. When two fishmen appear, try to kill them both with a single attack of the whip. Keep walking and ONLY leap when you have to. Collecting the items from the candles is risky and will more likely result in being knocked below. The rest of this stage is less chaotic. Beware of the purple colored knights that wield spears; they are quite troublesome. They can block some projectiles such as the dagger and boomerang. These enemies also have an attack that inflicts such great force that Richter will be thrown way back. To avoid this attack, immediately perform a backwards leap (jump button twice) when they start to rise the spear above them and then towards their back. Note that they can attack Richter above and below whatever platform he is standing on by raising or lowering their spears. Again there is some food hidden in the stairs leading toward the boss.

Boss: Myotia
The best weapon here is definitely the boomerang. Myotia first appears in the form of a giant bat. Hitting it will turn it into its second form, a mass of several small bats. The safest places to be is on either platform located on each side of the playfield. Continually launch boomerangs at the mass of bats. When they move toward Richter, move to the highest platform of the two you are on, leap over the bats, and make your way to the other pair of platforms on the opposite side. When the mass of bats again form the giant bat, try to attack it as quickly as possible to keep it from charging at Richter. Take special care not to let the bats corner Richter on either side of the screen as he will immediately suffer several hits and likely parish. If you continue this process, you will likely take some hits but should have no problems as long as you continually attack with the boomerangs.

Stage 3: Great Hall

The goal of the first part of level 3 is to simply reach the top. Plan your jumps carefully here as the Medusa heads are plentiful and often appear without notice. You'll again encounter those bothersome spear wielding knights and move on to an area that has several moving platforms with a potential watery grave below. Again, be aware of being knocked into the water by low flying bats and the fishmen that unexpectedly pop up from below. You'll first encounter the axeman in the next section. On the right wall horizontal to the axeman you will find a hidden 1-up. The axeman can block projectiles most of the time with his shield, so the whip is the most effect against it. Note that when the axeman throws an axe it comes back, so be prepared to whip, duck, or jump. Keep moving right until you come to an area with several white pillars. THIS AREA HAS SPECIAL SIGNIFICANCE AND DETERMINES HOW THE GAME WILL END. If you are knocked below, you will be sent to the alternative level 4. If this is the case, you will not be able to save Annet or Maria. Be VERY careful in this section, the Medusa heads are unrelenting. Take the axe in one of the candles as it will be very useful in clearing the long vertical line of enemies that attack with flames. If you keep moving right without being knocked below, you will eventually find a key in one of the candles just before the boss. Be warned that if you acquire a special weapon, you will lose the key.

Boss: Dyurahan
Dyurahan would be much easier to defeat if you are equipped with a special weapon such as the axe. If you chose to keep the key, this battle is tougher than one may want it to be. The problem is that Dyurahan keeps its sword lowered most of the time. You cannot get too close to it or you will be damaged by the lowered sword. One of the boss's attacks is to slash his sword forward, then leap with it lowered. It's very difficult to anticipate this attack. A second to attack to look for is when the boss lowers its sword to the ground and spikes appear that move toward Richter. These spikes cannot be leaped over, so the only choice is to outrun them or leap onto the highest platforms. Another attack Dyurahan uses is a very quick forward stab of the sword. Again, preparing for this is very tough. The best advice I can give is not to get too greedy when it comes to attacking the boss. Move in, attack it a few times, then back off. This, of course, doesn't apply if you are using a special weapon where getting in close isn't necessary in the first place. The boss also has two more attacks that involves its head. Dyurahan will occasionally throw it's head in the air. The head will rotate and hover above as objects fall from above that can damage Richter. Simply standing under one of the platforms will provide full protection against this attack. The second attack of the head is to fly around and attack Richter. It is easy to avoid but it's possible to lose track of it as it can leave the screen and appear right below Richter without any time to react. The result is some damage and the player will be temporarily slowed down. Keep in mind that the best time to ALWAYS attack Dyurahan is when he is performing one of his own attacks, such as when the object are falling from above. In these situations the boss is left vulnerable and is unable to attack with his sword. Save the food located in the candle for when you really need it. Patience and choosing the right time to attack definitely will pay off here.

Stage 4: Dungeon

The first part of level 4 isn't that difficult to get through. Just be aware of the rocky overhanging above that can hide enemies, projectiles, and even some items in candles. It's easiest to leap on and over the spiked platforms that drop below rather than run under them. Keep moving left until you reach a section with platforms suspended on a rope that is driven around by a gear. Ride these platforms until you see a door on the left side. You can unlock the door by using the key like you would use any special weapon (up and attack). You now have saved Maria. However, you will still need the key to unlock another door. The red skulls that fly around this area are unrelenting in their attacks, so be prepared for a lot of maneuvering. It's best to kill them as soon as possible or you will be overwhelmed when three or more of them attack. When you reach the top, keep proceeding left. The small Igor -like enemies that leap around a lot are very quick and difficult to hit with the whip. Once you make it to the next section you will see a door located on a platform above. This will take you to the alternative level 5 where you can rescue Annet. If you did not rescue Maria earlier, you will not be able to unlock this door even if you still have the key.

Boss: Minotaurusu
If you chose not to rescue Annet, you will face Minotaurusu. This boss is a piece of cake if you equip yourself with an axe. You can find an axe in a candle just before you face the boss. Simply stand at left edge of the lower platform and leap in the air while firing away with the axes. If you are consistent with making contact (hitting the boss and not his axe), Minotaurusu will never even come close to Richter. Really, it's that simple.

Alternative Stage 4: Underground caverns/tomb

The is not a particularly tough stage to get through. You will mostly walk in or above the muddy boiling water. Mudmen and flying bats are the most common enemies here. When you leap or fall into the boiling liquid, be careful not to stay idle for too long. Jump periodically to keep from sinking below. The mudmen will rise unexpectedly from below, so keep on your to toes to avoid cheap hits. Later in the stage you will encounter a large red skeleton. This skeleton is quite a formidable opponent and takes many hits to kill off. Keep at a distance and attack it with whatever special weapon you are equipped with. Beware of when he leaps as you will have to be at a far distance to avoid being lunged at. You will next face a skeledragon. As with all the skeledragons in the game, you can tell when it will launch a fireball as it will first appear in its back part and move towards the head. Axes always work best on these creatures. Keep moving left and when you reach the area where you can finally leap out of the boiling liquid, there is a raised step on the floor that contains some food.

Boss: Cloaked sorcerer
This boss initially appears intimidating due to its multiple attacks. The key is stay put on the ground and resist the temptation of leaping on one of the platforms to attack the boss with brute force. The dagger works very well here and can found in one of the candles just before you encounter this boss. The first priority is to take out the red flames that the sorcerer sends out. Not only do theses flames inflict damage on Richter, but they inhibit his movements and slow him down significantly as well. Next take out the skeletons that are formed by the falling bones. When it appears safe, leap up from the ground and attack the boss with the dagger. This must be done when it's flying low and from a safe distance. The sorcerer will then fly to the opposite side of the playfield that it was before. Continue the same process as before by taking out the skeletons and flames before launching an attack on the boss. When his energy is completely depleted, he will take on his second form. In his second form, the boss will first attack by launching several headstones at Richter. Duck, whip, or leap over them. Also in this form, the sorcerer will fly aggressively at Richter. This is why it is especially important to keep at a safe distance. Mudmen will walk the floor and make the battle all the more difficult. With some skillful maneuvering and letting the daggers do most of the work, you should be able to make it through the battle. One of the tougher bosses in the game.

Stage 5: Courtyard

The first part of this stage consists of ravens and Igors. While neither are particularly powerful, both are very quick attackers and are tough to hit with just the whip. The axe works extremely well here. When you get to the section where there are platforms moving up and down, some of the stone blocks on the walls that must be climbed to reach the platforms will crumble when leaped on. To buy some time, you can leap from block to block until you are ready to jump on one of the platforms. You will encounter similar collapsing blocks later in the level. When you reach the section with the tall green knights will huge swords, clear away from them when they stop moving. These powerful enemies will lunge forward and knock Richter back. The rest of this stage is reasonably challenging, but offers no real surprises.

Boss: Lypuston
Lypuston is the level 5 boss. While very quick on its feet, its attacks are very predictable. The key is to resist the urge to move on in and use brute force to attack it. Instead, it's best to keep your distance and let whatever special weapon you are equipped with do the work. His ground attacks include a slide attack and a fireball that he throws. Again, if you keep your distance these attacks should be avoidable. His aerial attacks are more formidable. Whenever Lypuston leaps onto the ceiling or wall, it will dive down toward Richter. The key is to move toward the wall opposite the one the boss is closest to. For example, if the boss is on or near the left side wall, start moving toward the right wall. Don't make the mistake of moving too close and cornering yourself against either side. After all, the object here is to move away from his dive attacks. Once Lypuston's energy is down to 1/4th, he will form into a ball and start bouncing quickly off the walls. It's very likely that he will only touch down to the ground once at each pass, so this attack is more avoidable than it looks. With continual attacks with the boomerang or axe at safe distances, this boss is weak compared to what lies ahead.

Alternative Stage 5: Waterway

The first part of this stage simply involves moving to the right and avoid being knocked to your death by the blue skulls that rise up from the water below. Also be on your guard against the fishmen that unexpectedly leap up and dive towards Richter. You'll encounter the same enemies in the next section as make your way below, to the right, and up again. Wait for each platform to reach jumping position and be aware of the spikes that protrude from some of the walls and platforms. In the next section you will have to make haste to outrun the rising water. If you wait too long to move up to the next platform, Richter will suffer some damage from the water. The blue skulls, skeledragons, and a red skeleton will attempt to slow your progress. In one of the candles there is an invincibility potion. Take it and keep moving immediately to the right. If you're fast enough, you can simply jump towards the skeledragon while invincible and instantly kill it. Once you reach the top, go to the left. In the next section there is a flow of water that drains into the pool of water below. Use you whip to hit the flow of water. The flowage will eventually stop and the pool will drop below. Make your way below onto the lowest platform on the left. On this platform keep moving left and will find Annet. Make your way back up and to the left. Keep moving until you encounter the first raven; there is a some hidden food on the step that it was sitting on.

Boss: Serpent
The battle with this boss is pretty straight forward. On the platform that Richter is standing on, the serpent will periodically wrap its body around one end and move towards the other end. The way in which it does this varies. The key is to avoid the parts of its body that coil in FRONT of the platform, not the rear. This is easier said then done since the serpent moves at such a great speed. Also note that in the areas where it is safe to stand when the serpent is coiled around the platform, you may have to move in the same direction as the serpent to stay within that safe area. Another attack of the serpent is to rise straight up vertically and launch flames at Richter. The axe and dagger work well as counterattack weapons. Only the head of the serpent is vulnerable to damage, so plan your attacks quickly and carefully as the time to actually get in a hit or two is very limited.

Stage 6: Clock Tower

The first part of level 6 is frustrating due to the unrelenting dives of the ravens. Again, while these creature are relatively weak, it's tough to attack them while climbing the stairs. Also don't forget to hold up on the control pad when leaping on the stairs. In too many situations did I forget to hold up on the pad after leaping in the air and attacking an enemy. This unfortunately lead to many unnecessary deaths. Next you will come to an area with rock platforms that are scrolling downward. You can simply leap up each platform and make your way towards the left where you will reach the next section. If you choose to go right you can collect some hearts and food. The third part of this level serves up the familiar Castlevania scenario of leaping from gear to gear. This is further hindered by the spear wielding knights and constant bats flying from the edges of the screen that make this all the more difficult. If possible, you are better off avoiding a confrontation with the knights with the spears. In some cases however, this is unavoidable. Continue to make your way up and to the right. You will soon reach an area where you will have the make big leaps of faith. Be careful of the Medusa heads that are flying around. Whenever jumping from gear to gear, keep in mind that your leaps are exaggerated. In some cases it's not even necessary to leap at all but to merely walk off the gear to reach the next one. You will next have to travel upwards from gear to gear. Medusa heads are very plentiful here. Once you make your way to the top, go to the right. In the section just before the boss, there is a 1-up hidden in the upper right wall.

Boss: Giant skull or Grim Reaper
Depending on whether or not you successfully rescued Annet, the level 6 boss will change! If you did not rescue her, you will fight a giant skull. If Annet was saved, the Grim Reaper will appear instead. Neither boss is easily defeated, although the Grim Reaper does seem somewhat easier.

Giant skull- The giant skull flies around the screen with seemingly no boundaries. The skull is difficult to attack in repeated succession since each time it's damaged it will move to the other side of the screen. The real threat here are the eyes that leave its head and attack in a variety of ways. One attack of the eyeballs is to simply fly around the screen and dart at Richter. This is more challenging than it seems since the skull itself will occasionally dart at the player. If you do not keep at the opposite end of the platform that the skull is on, some of the combined attacks of the eyeballs and skull are unavoidable. A simple rule is to stay away from each platform edge to avoid being knocked below. Another attack of the eyeballs involves them becoming balls of flame and rotating in a circular motion. Again, it's best to keep a distance from the edges since at times it is impossible to jump around the eyes. The last attack is the most difficult to avoid of all. Both eyeballs fly above and each sends down a lightning beam. If you are between them, you will be damaged by both beams as they close in on Richter. The best advice I can give is to get as far away from them as you can when they start hovering above. If you're quick enough, you can run under the eyeballs before they start emitting the beams to prevent being trapped between the two eyes or the edges of the platform. As with most of the bosses, the boomerang works best here although the axe is also very effective.

The Grim Reaper attacks in a very simplistic manner, but that doesn't necessarily make him easy to kill off. He attacks by flying around the screen along with several indestructible sickles that chase Richter. A simple rule that should always be followed is: if the Grim Reaper is on the left side of the platform, quickly make your way to the right side to avoid being doubled teamed by both him and the sickles. Continue to blast him with boomerangs while leaping over his sickles and he will eventually take his second form. The Grim Reaper's second form is surprising weak. Simply launch several boomerangs and/or whip him quickly. If you still had around half of your energy just prior to his second form, you can simply attack with brute force and you should have no problem outlasting him.

Stage 7: Count Dracula

This stage doesn't offer any real challenges before the final encounter with Dracula. This is a good place to collect hearts and equip the special weapon of your choice.

Boss: Count Dracula
As in every Castlevania so far, Dracula is quite a piece of work. There's also really no surprise in the way he attacks. Dracula will appear and disappear above each pillar at random. The pillars make for a difficult battle ground as it is very easy to be knocked to your death below. Dracula's weak spot appears to be just above his pendent but NOT directly at his head. What makes the encounter with Dracula so tedious is that it's difficult to achieve multiple attacks at a single time. The best way to inflict the most damage is to attack Dracula when he is close to either side of the screen with the boomerang. As the boomerang is changing direction, it hovers at the edge of the screen for a short time and can inflict multiple hits on Dracula. Of course, this is easier said than done. Dracula appears and disappears very quickly and in only a fraction of that time is he vulnerable to damage. He also seems to appear at the extreme edges of the screen, making it even more difficult to launch an attack. Dracula's own attack comes in two different forms. Most often he will launch three fireballs that travel horizontally. This attack is not a particular threat as the fireballs can either be whipped or leaped over. The second form of attack is much more difficult to avoid. Two large fireballs are launched at a very fast speed. These fireballs cannot be destroyed and are very difficult to leap over given the speed they are traveling and how far apart they are from each other. If you are on the lowest pillar, it's best to simply duck if Dracula was on one of the higher pillars when he launched the fireballs. Attacking and avoiding Dracula requires a lot of patience and time depending on how lucky you are in getting in good attacks. When his life bar is completely diminished, the battle is not over. Dracula takes his second form as a HUGE winged demon. Hopefully you still have many heart points at this point as the boomerang can make quick work of his second form. If you do not have any heart points left, defeating his second form will be extremely difficult (especially if you have already taken a few hits). His main attack is to fire flames at Richter. These attacks are pretty scattered and are difficult to dodge at close range. The flames, however, can be whipped. When the demon lowers himself, he is preparing for his second form of attack. A blue projectile is launched horizontally. It is difficult to judge whether or not this projectile can be leaped over or simply ducked. This is especially true if the demon has you cornered in one of the screen edges. This is why it is VERY important to plan you last attack on Dracula's first form. Wait until Dracula takes just one hit to finish off his first form. Destroy him when he appears at one extreme side of play field. If this is done, you will have plenty of room to attack the second form and avoid his attacks. If you follow this, you should be able to destroy Dracula's second form quickly by pummeling him with boomerangs.
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