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Game Center achievements​

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.

AchievementHow to unlock
100 Boars (50 points)Kill 100 boars.
100 Dark Elves (50 points)Kill 100 dark elves.
100 Goblins (50 points)Kill 100 goblins
100 Skeletons (50 points)Kill 100 skeletons.
100 Trolls (50 points)Kill 100 trolls.
100 Warlocks (50 points)kill 100 warlocks.
Addictied (50 points)Play more than one hour without quitting the game.
Brick in the Wall (50 points)Kill 100 enemies by smashing them against the wall.
Burden of the Troll (20 points)Smash 50 goblins with a troll.
Cash & Carry (50 points)Get 1,000 gold in one level.
Challenger (150 points)Complete all challenges.
Free Your Mind (50 points)Kill a warlock who is controlling other enemies.
Ice Mania (50 points)Freeze 50 enemies into ice statues.
Liberator (50 points)Free 20 wild boars from their riders
Lock & Load (75 points)Purchase all upgrades.
No More Strangers (75 points)Encounter all the enemies in the game.
Picky Customer (100 points)Skip a level when buying an item.
Playing with Fire (100 points)Kill enemies with each bounce of a Level 3 Fireball.
Recruit (200 points)Complete the campaign on EASY dificulty.
Soldier (250 points)Complete the campaign on NORMAL difficulty.
Ststue Garden (50 points)Petrify 100 enemies.
Treat Pets Well (50 points)Feed the Hydra with all eatable enemy types
True Defender (300 points)Complete the campaign on HARD difficulty.
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