Can players buy bells with real money in the animal crossing game?

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Nintendo does not support direct animal crossing: cash transactions in New Horizons. But Animal Crossing: New Horizons itself has a powerful digital trading system, and people can use the in-game currency to buy and sell needed items in the store. This is a permitted practice. When players buy and sell items in the game, the purchase system will use game currency instead of real money transactions. Players need enough bells to carry out various activities in the game, and bells are the basis for players to carry out activities. Therefore, players who need to get enough bells first can choose Buy Animal Crossing Bells to buy any item the player wants.

Players need to participate in various activities in the game to develop the island. After the collection task is completed, the items will be automatically stored in the player's backpack. After opening the backpack, players can organize the storage space of the backpack according to their personal needs. In addition, players can also process or sell them as raw materials. In addition, players can also enter the mysterious island to obtain unique items. The mysterious island is also called the material island. Fortunately, players on the gold coin island can get rich gold coins. The gold coins obtained by the player can be brought back to their island. To reduce the workload, players can go to Buy ACNH Bells through Fast delivery on this website is a requirement of customer service.
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