Bug's Bunny Crazy Castle (for NES)

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final kaoss

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Bug's Bunny Crazy Castle

SZOKGPVG Start with infinite lives
PAUGPAIA Start with 1 life
ZAUGPAIE Start with 10 lives
GXETZZEI Become invincible
GXKGZZEY Baddies go as fast as Bugs Bunny
GASGAAPA Make platforms invisible!
PXXTGGEN + PXXTAGAO Start with super rabbit punches
SZOKGAAX + PEXYVYAE Start on level 10
SZOKGAAX + LOXYVYAA Start on level 20
SZOKGAAX + IOXYVYAE Start on level 30
SZOKGAAX + YXXYVYAA Start on level 40
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