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final kaoss

Staff member
Top9000 Current HPmastersord
82003BB4 2328
Don't set stats higher than 9000. Otherwise the game crashes.
Top9000 Current Staminamastersord
82003BB6 2328
Top9000 Max HPmastersord
82003BBA 2328
Top9000 Max Staminamastersord
82003BB8 2328
TopLevel 99mastersord
32003BB8 0063
TopMax All Abilities To Level 99mastersord
42003BC8 6363 00000006 0002
TopMax EXPmastersord
82003BC4 967F 82003BC6 0098
Top65,535 BPmastersord
8200698C FFFF
Top9,999,999 MGmastersord
82006990 967F 82006992 0098
Top99 of Most Itemsmastersord
42004FC8 4001 00010012 0008 42004FCC 0063 00000012 0008
Two items are missing due to lack of space.
Top99% Perfect Inventorymastersord
42004FC8 4001 00010012 0008 42004FCC 0063 00000012 0008 42005058 3001 00010028 0008 4200505C 0063 00000028 0008 420051A0 1020 00010088 000C 420051A4 00FF 00000088 000C 42005D94 2001 00010047 000C 42005D98 00FF 00000047 000C
TopAll Armors +255 (Use With Above Code)mastersord
42005D98 00FF 00000047 000C
TopAll Key Itemsmastersord
42005058 3001 00010028 0008 4200505C 0063 00000028 0008
TopAll Weapons +255 (Use With Above Code)mastersord
420051A4 00FF 00000088 000C
TopFull Monster Guidemastersord
42006B38 FFFF 0000000A 0002
TopHave All Armorsmastersord
42005D94 2001 00010047 000C
TopHave All Weaponsmastersord
420051A0 1020 00010088 000C
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