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Best Ending​

Defeat the True Final Boss.

Broken Necklace​

Complete the "Firmament" level with the Handmade Necklace equipped.

Fight True Final Boss​

Beat Firmament for the second time with the handmade necklace equipped.

UnlockableHow to unlock
Broken NecklaceBeat Firmament with Handmade Necklace.
Handmade NecklaceCollect all 7 jewels hidden in various stages and talk to Joule.

Handmade Necklace​

Collect all seven hidden jewels then speak with Joule.

Lumen Audiolocket 1-7​

Upon cashing in 3000+ or more Kudos via a checkpoint or offensive skill, a special pendant will become available to be synthed. When equipped, it will cause a specific Anthem to be played instead of the usual randomized track.

UnlockableHow to unlock
Audiolocket 1: Beyond the Blue1st Sumeragi.
Audiolocket 2: Nebulous ClockSubaquatic Base.
Audiolocket 3: Azure DoorMedia Tower.
Audiolocket 4: Pain from the PastBiochem Plant.
Audiolocket 5: Scorching JourneyDatastore.
Audiolocket 6: Rouge ShimmerStratacombs.
Audiolocket 7: A Zip to the MoonPharma Lab.

Special Missions​

After beating the true final boss, you'll unlock a series of four gauntlet-style special missions. They feature many more enemies than those found it the regular stages, combined layouts of certain stages, and lack checkpoints.

MissionHow to unlock
Special Mission 1Beat the true final boss.
Special Mission 2Beat the true final boss.
Special Mission 3Beat the true final boss.
Special Mission 4Beat the true final boss.

The Dullahan​

After beating all four special missions, you'll unlock the Dullahan, the final weapon in the game. It fires much stronger bullets than the other guns, but is incapable of tagging enemies for electrical attacks.
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