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Infinite Money - Ship and Goods Trading​

This glitch allows for more goods to arrive with a ship than there were when loading the ship. It requires the player to have the ability to go to the Bayou at will. (1) Load a ship completely with a good, (2) Send the ship off to another port, (3) Exit the trading screen, (4) Leave the city and travel to the Bayou, (5) Return to the City once arriving in the Bayou, (6) Return to the trading screen, (7) All ships that were sent are in port regardless of how much time has passed, (8) Select a ship to trade, (9) Select Sell Goods, (10) Three sets of the same goods should be available for sale, and each set has the ship's maximum load meaning the ship is currently carrying 3x its maximum load and 200% more than what it left port with. You can do this with any number of ships.

Various Trophies​

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 3 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlock
Bayou Fever (Silver)Complete every Bayou Fever mission
Business Woman (Silver)Complete every Business Rivals mission
Buy All Dressing Chambers (Bronze)Buy every Dressing Chamber
Charming (Bronze)Charm 50 NPC's
Climber (Bronze)Climb 8848 meters
Complete 100% of all Mission Constraints (Silver)Achieve 100% Synchronization in all Sequences
Complete Aveline's Story (Silver)Complete the game (fake ending)
Completionist (Silver)Reach the maximum player level in the multiplayer
Deadly Haystack (Bronze)Kill 50 enemies from haystacks using the Blowpipe
Diarist (Bronze)Collect every diary page
Disguised (Bronze)Change your persona 50 times
Egg Hunter (Bronze)Collect every alligator egg
Fighter (Bronze)Participate in 100 fights in multiplayer
Hanger (Bronze)Hang an enemy on the gibbet at the Place d'Armes
Hangman (Bronze)Perform 10 predator moves using the Whip
Human Shields (Silver)Block 10 firing lines with a human shield
Liberation (Silver)Complete every Free Slaves mission
Machete (Silver)Kill 5 guards in 15 seconds using only the Sugarcane Machete (without using the Chain Kill)
Mushroom Queen (Bronze)Collect all the mushrooms collectibles
My 1st Dressing Chamber (Bronze)Buy your 1st Dressing Chamber
Notorious (Bronze)Move through New Orleans for 10 minutes in the Assassin Persona
Persona Collector (Silver)Collect every persona-specific collectible
Pirates (Silver)Complete every Pirates mission
Platinum Trophy (Platinum)Collect all other 44 Trophies for this Trophy
Poison (Silver)Use berserk poison to force an enemy to kill 5 enemies
Power master (Bronze)Complete 30 economic missions in multiplayer
Predator (Bronze)Kill an enemy from a tree, with the blowpipe, while using eagle vision
RHP Master (Bronze)Synchronize all viewpoints
Sequence 1 (Silver)Complete Sequence 1
Sequence 2 (Silver)Complete Sequence 2
Sequence 3 (Silver)Complete Sequence 3
Sequence 4 (Silver)Complete Sequence 4
Sequence 5 (Silver)Complete Sequence 5
Sequence 6 (Silver)Complete Sequence 6
Sequence 7 (Silver)Complete Sequence 7
Sequence 8 (Silver)Complete Sequence 8
Shipmaster (Bronze)Buy the maximum number of ships (8)
Statuette Collector (Bronze)Collect every Mayan statuette
Survivor (Bronze)Survive 5 alligator encounters
Swamp Queen (Bronze)Tree Run for 10 branches without touching the ground
The Truth (Gold)Kill all Citizen E and experience the true ending
Thief (Silver)Pickpocket 5000 écu
Tree ninja (Bronze)Complete 15 Air Assassinations from trees
Umbrella (Bronze)Kill 25 enemies with the Parasol Gun
What is she doing? (Silver)Kill 7 guards on rooftops in the Lady Persona
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