Arcane Empires

final kaoss

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Building a solid base at the beginning​

Your empire requires food, wood, crystals, iron and silver to help growth, so start building Farm, Crystal Mine, Saw Mill, Iron Works and upgrade them along the way as the game process. Another source of income is from taxes which you can levied from citizens or increase the density of the population by building more homesteads.

Rainy City​

In Global or Alliance chat, type the phrase "A storm is brewing" and post it. Once it has been posted, exit the chat screen and it will be raining in your city. To stop the rain, simply type and post the phrase "No more rain". Note: This code is seasonal only. I.E. It will only work during Spring, Summer and Fall seasons (real-time).

Raining in your cityA storm is brewing.
Stop the rain in your cityNo more rain.
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