Apple launches replacement program for iPhone battery cases

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  • iPhoneXRSmartBatteryCaseBlackmultiple980-1.jpeg

    The iPhone XR's Smart Battery case in black. [credit: Apple ]

iPhone users have been using battery cases to extend the battery life of their phones for years, but Apple has recently offered its own versions of these accessories. Now, a number of Apple-made cases sold in 2019 have exhibited problems, and the company has launched a program to replace customers' faulty battery cases for free.
Affected products include the Smart Battery Cases for the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR sold between January and October of 2019.
The battery cases in question sometimes either charge intermittently or do not charge at all when plugged into a power source, and they may also fail to charge the iPhones to which they are attached. Apple was careful to clarify that this problem is not a safety issue; that's a necessary clarification, given that there have been battery-related issues with other gadgets that were safety concerns.

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