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[h=3]Achievements[/HEADING] The following achievements can be unlocked in Altered Beast on the Xbox 360 video game console. Achievements are unlocked by performing indicated tasks from the list below. Once you have completed the task you will unlock the achievement and any gamerscore points associated with it.
Complete The Game (25 points)
How to unlock: Finish the game.
Renaissance Man (25 points)
How to unlock: Start the game once with each of the four difficulty settings.
Points III (25 points)
How to unlock: Score 350,000 points.
Untouchable (25 points)
How to unlock: Reach the third level without losing a life.
Points II (15 points)
How to unlock: Score 250,000 points.
Boss III (15 points)
How to unlock: Defeat the third level boss.
Boss I (15 points)
How to unlock: Defeat the first level boss.
Wolf Hunter (15 points)
How to unlock: Kill 30 two-headed wolves.
Multiple Beasts (10 points)
How to unlock: Play in an online multiplayer game.
Points I (10 points)
How to unlock: Score 150,000 points.
Three in a Row (10 points)
How to unlock: Collect Spirit Balls from the first three White Wolves in any level - Single Player mode only.
Giant Man (10 points)
How to unlock: Collect a Spirit Ball.
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