Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius vs. Jimmy Negatron, The (USA, Europe)

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final kaoss

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TopInfinite HealthStalkerX26EA9DDF FA61
TopInfinite LivesStalkerX4904E4E6 5C90
TopInfinite SpecialStalkerX51DAACAD 3C41
TopAll Tasks CompleteMadCatzCEEA5E31C1C1
TopHave 999 CoinsMadCatz25E768565DBE
TopHave Shield OrbMadCatz56A8A9A1C361
TopInfinite HealthMadCatz5978DFC08801
TopInfinite LivesMadCatz76BD29B5C7E7
TopInfinite NeutronsMadCatzE68A203953DD
TopInfinite ShieldMadCatz5EA0AFA1E361
TopMulti JumpMadCatz54A79B21F97B
Top[M] Must Be OnMadCatz940027D8D36A

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