Adventure Time: The Secret of The Nameless Kingdom

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Dark theme in main menu​

Release the third princess.

Empty plastic bag#2​

Find hidden five wooden parts and give it to Wizard Thief.

Empty plastic bag#3​

Destroy all the vases in vase-breaking mini game.

Empty plastic bag#4​

Be first and finish the racing mini games in graveyard area.

Sword Blast​

Find hidden twenty gum globes and give it to Ratlleballs.

Various Steam Achievements​

Complete the indicated task to unlock the achievement.

AchievementHow to unlock
A day in the life of a bunComplete the Cinnamon Fun! quest.
A good idea at the time...Choose Nightmare Princess to rule.
A penny burnedBuy something from Choose Goose.
AmbitreacherousBeat the game with 3 thumps, without upgraded sword, shield, or armor.
Bad timingBeat Starchy's Graveyard Fun Run.
Be moreFind everything in the game.
Blade of grassComplete sword training.
Burning lowKill a Lub Glub using Flambo.
Dungeon trainComplete the Dream Temple.
Food chainBuy any trail mix.
From bad to worseComplete the Terrible People quest.
Gotcha!Store a Convict Fairy in a baggy.
HenchmanStun 5 enemies with a single Bananarang.
It was a dream all along!Choose Slumber Princess to rule.
It was a song all along!Choose Lullaby Princess to rule.
Jake suitKill an enemy after both Finn and Jake have attacked it.
Level 99Chop down 999 bushes.
Love gamesComplete the Love Note quest.
Marceline's closetLie to Marceline.
Ocean of fearComplete the Fear Temple.
Play dateComplete the Dungeon Drama quest.
Princess DayComplete the tutorial.
RattleballsFind a gum globe.
Red starvedFind a thump shard.
Sad faceBreak the pot breaking record.
The Enchiridion!Complete the Trading Game quest.
The party's overParty in the Rave Cave for 11 minutes and 12 seconds.
The podsFind all five baggies.
The real youFind every Gunter cave.
The red throneFind all thump shards / spare thumps.
The Stanley GraybleTalk to Stanley five times.
The vaultComplete the Door Repair quest.
Wake UpComplete the Song Temple.
Why did you do that!?Use Grabby Hand on a Pie Fairy.
Wizards only, foolsReceive every curse.
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