Advance Wars 2 - Black Hole Rising (USA, Australia)

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final kaoss

Staff member
TopInfinite FundsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX820232FC C350
TopInfinite Health/RoundsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX42022994 94E4
00000032 000C
TopInfinite RationsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX42022996 0063
00000032 000C
TopMax PowerDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX3202331F 0002
TopNo PowerDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX8202331C 0000
TopNo RationsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX42022996 0000
00000032 000C
TopWeak UnitsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX42022994 0001
00000032 000C
TopInfinite Health/RoundsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX42022C94 94E4
00000032 000C
TopInfinite RationsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX42022C96 0063
00000032 000C
TopMax PowerDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX3202335B 0002
TopNo PowerDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX82023358 0000
TopNo RationsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX42022C96 0000
00000032 000C
TopWeak UnitsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX42022C94 0001
00000032 000C
TopUnit 1DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022990 00??
TopUnit 1DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022C90 00??
TopUnit 1DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022F90 00??
TopUnit 10DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX320229FC 00??
TopUnit 10DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022CFC 00??
TopUnit 10DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022FFC 00??
TopUnit 11DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022A08 00??
TopUnit 11DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022D08 00??
TopUnit 11DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32023008 00??
TopUnit 12DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022A14 00??
TopUnit 12DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022D14 00??
TopUnit 12DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32023014 00??
TopUnit 13DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022A20 00??
TopUnit 13DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022D20 00??
TopUnit 13DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32023020 00??
TopUnit 14DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022A2C 00??
TopUnit 14DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022D2C 00??
TopUnit 14DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX3202302C 00??
TopUnit 15DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022A38 00??
TopUnit 15DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022D38 00??
TopUnit 15DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32023038 00??
TopUnit 16DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022A44 00??
TopUnit 16DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022D44 00??
TopUnit 16DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32023044 00??
TopUnit 17DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022A50 00??
TopUnit 17DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022D50 00??
TopUnit 17DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32023050 00??
TopUnit 18DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022A5C 00??
TopUnit 18DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022D5C 00??
TopUnit 18DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX3202305C 00??
TopUnit 19DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022A68 00??
TopUnit 19DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022D68 00??
TopUnit 19DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32023068 00??
TopUnit 2DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX3202299C 00??
TopUnit 2DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022C9C 00??
TopUnit 2DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022F9C 00??
TopUnit 20DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022A74 00??
TopUnit 20DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022D74 00??
TopUnit 20DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32023074 00??
TopUnit 3DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX320229A8 00??
TopUnit 3DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022CA8 00??
TopUnit 3DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022FA8 00??
TopUnit 4DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX320229B4 00??
TopUnit 4DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022CB4 00??
TopUnit 4DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022FB4 00??
TopUnit 5DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX320229C0 00??
TopUnit 5DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022CC0 00??
TopUnit 5DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022FC0 00??
TopUnit 6DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX320229CC 00??
TopUnit 6DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022CCC 00??
TopUnit 6DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022FCC 00??
TopUnit 7DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX320229D8 00??
TopUnit 7DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022CD8 00??
TopUnit 7DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022FD8 00??
TopUnit 8DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX320229E4 00??
TopUnit 8DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022CE4 00??
TopUnit 8DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022FE4 00??
TopUnit 9DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX320229F0 00??
TopUnit 9DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022CF0 00??
TopUnit 9DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022FF0 00??
TopInfinite HealthDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022694 00E4
TopInfinite MovesDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX73003334 0006
32022691 0000
TopInfinite RationsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022696 0063
TopInfinite RoundsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022695 0094
TopUnit Type ModifierDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022690 00??1 - Infantry 02 - Mech 03 - Md Tank 05 - Tank 06 - Recon 07 - APC 08 - Neotank 0A - Artlry 0B - Rockets 0E - A-Air 0F - Missiles 10 - Fighter 11 - Bomber 13 - B Cptr 14 - T Cptr 15 - B Ship 16 - Cruiser 17 - Lander 18 - Sub 19 - Mech
TopInfinite HealthDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022700 00E4
TopInfinite MovesDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX73003334 0006
320226FD 0000
TopInfinite RationsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022702 0063
TopInfinite RoundsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022701 0094
TopUnit Type ModifierDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX320226FC 00??
TopInfinite HealthDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX3202270C 00E4
TopInfinite MovesDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX73003334 0006
32022709 0000
TopInfinite RationsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX3202270E 0063
TopInfinite RoundsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX3202270D 0094
TopUnit Type ModifierDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022708 00??
TopInfinite HealthDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022718 00E4
TopInfinite MovesDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX73003334 0006
32022715 0000
TopInfinite RationsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX3202271A 0063
TopInfinite RoundsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022719 0094
TopUnit Type ModifierDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022714 00??
TopInfinite HealthDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022724 00E4
TopInfinite MovesDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX73003334 0006
32022721 0000
TopInfinite RationsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022726 0063
TopInfinite RoundsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022725 0094
TopUnit Type ModifierDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022720 00??
TopInfinite HealthDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022730 00E4
TopInfinite MovesDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX73003334 0006
3202272D 0000
TopInfinite RationsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022732 0063
TopInfinite RoundsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022731 0094
TopUnit Type ModifierDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX3202272C 00??
TopInfinite HealthDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX3202273C 00E4
TopInfinite MovesDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX73003334 0006
32022739 0000
TopInfinite RationsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX3202273E 0063
TopInfinite RoundsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX3202273D 0094
TopUnit Type ModifierDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022738 00??
TopInfinite HealthDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022748 00E4
TopInfinite MovesDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX73003334 0006
32022745 0000
TopInfinite RationsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX3202274A 0063
TopInfinite RoundsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022749 0094
TopUnit Type ModifierDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022744 00??
TopInfinite HealthDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022754 00E4
TopInfinite MovesDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX73003334 0006
32022751 0000
TopInfinite RationsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022756 0063
TopInfinite RoundsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022755 0094
TopUnit Type ModifierDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022750 00??
TopInfinite HealthDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022760 00E4
TopInfinite MovesDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX73003334 0006
3202275D 0000
TopInfinite RationsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022762 0063
TopInfinite RoundsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022761 0094
TopUnit Type ModifierDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX3202275C 00??
TopInfinite HealthDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX3202276C 00E4
TopInfinite MovesDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX73003334 0006
32022769 0000
TopInfinite RationsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX3202276E 0063
TopInfinite RoundsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX3202276D 0094
TopUnit Type ModifierDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022768 00??
TopInfinite HealthDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX320226A0 00E4
TopInfinite MovesDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX73003334 0006
3202269D 0000
TopInfinite RationsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX320226A2 0063
TopInfinite RoundsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX320226A1 0094
TopUnit Type ModifierDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX3202269C 00??
TopInfinite HealthDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022778 00E4
TopInfinite MovesDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX73003334 0006
32022775 0000
TopInfinite RationsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX3202277A 0063
TopInfinite RoundsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022779 0094
TopUnit Type ModifierDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32022774 00??
TopInfinite HealthDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX320226AC 00E4
TopInfinite MovesDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX73003334 0006
320226A9 0000
TopInfinite RationsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX320226AE 0063
TopInfinite RoundsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX320226AD 0094
TopUnit Type ModifierDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX320226A8 00??
TopInfinite HealthDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX320226B8 00E4
TopInfinite MovesDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX73003334 0006
320226B5 0000
TopInfinite RationsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX320226BA 0063
TopInfinite RoundsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX320226B9 0094
TopUnit Type ModifierDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX320226B4 00??
TopInfinite HealthDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX320226C4 00E4
TopInfinite MovesDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX73003334 0006
320226C1 0000
TopInfinite RationsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX320226C6 0063
TopInfinite RoundsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX320226C5 0094
TopUnit Type ModifierDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX320226C0 00??
TopInfinite HealthDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX320226D0 00E4
TopInfinite MovesDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX73003334 0006
320226CD 0000
TopInfinite RationsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX320226D2 0063
TopInfinite RoundsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX320226D1 0094
TopUnit Type ModifierDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX320226CC 00??
TopInfinite HealthDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX320226DC 00E4
TopInfinite MovesDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX73003334 0006
320226D9 0000
TopInfinite RationsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX320226DE 0063
TopInfinite RoundsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX320226DD 0094
TopUnit Type ModifierDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX320226D8 00??
TopInfinite HealthDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX320226E8 00E4
TopInfinite MovesDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX73003334 0006
320226E5 0000
TopInfinite RationsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX320226EA 0063
TopInfinite RoundsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX320226E9 0094
TopUnit Type ModifierDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX320226E4 00??
TopInfinite HealthDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX320226F4 00E4
TopInfinite MovesDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX73003334 0006
320226F1 0000
TopInfinite RationsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX320226F6 0063
TopInfinite RoundsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX320226F5 0094
TopUnit Type ModifierDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX320226F0 00??
TopInfinite Health/RoundsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX42022F94 94E4
00000032 000C
TopInfinite RationsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX42022F96 0063
00000032 000C
TopMax PowerDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32023397 0002
TopNo PowerDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX82023394 0000
TopNo RationsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX42022F96 0000
00000032 000C
TopWeak UnitsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX42022F94 0001
00000032 000C
Top(m) Must Be OnCodejunkiesE106EBD8 D9112D16
Top50,000 Battle PointsdlongE86EFC73 2FEEA395
Top50,000 Shop PointsdlongCEB001E0 16782915
TopActivate Power Mode [Press B+Up]MadCatzE7F03E0BBC62
TopActivate Super Mode [Press B+Down]MadCatz67D43E8278B2
TopAll 3P MapsCodejunkies36E238D8 0485897B
TopAll 4P MapsCodejunkies2F4C37AD 9D81EB85
TopAll Battle MapsMadCatzEC821F598B20
TopAll Co OutfitsCodejunkies00D2C21C F6F8BD45
D287A566 D967F4C3
TopAll Color EditsdlongDF6BC9A5 DCCA2267
179E82B0 9A1619DF
TopAll Color EditsMadCatz7F2B0705C2C2
TopAll COs Unlockeddlong81D67E78 B20B1BE0
TopAll Pre-Deployed MapsCodejunkiesAD38EB0A F2FA53E9
TopAll TeamsMadCatz6D390D11E0C2
TopAll Units - HP RegenCodejunkies567E30D9 41B66E95
EC755CCB 31B3F136
TopAll Units - Infinite FuelCodejunkiesB5418DDB E456674E
3508740D F0877028
TopAll Units - Infinite Health/RoundsMadCatz381879EE6395
TopAll Units - Infinite RationsMadCatz663C9DF9A397
With this code on you'll be unable to load carriers.
TopAll Vs MapsCodejunkiesE8999409 0322EA64
TopAll War Room MapsCodejunkiesFF5F687F C341B42D
TopAlways Day 1dlong166EDCF8 014217EF
TopAlways Get S Rankdlong8859F337 E44C576E
TopAlways Rank SMadCatz882F33FB955E
TopArmy #2 Flag ModifierRouge232023316 000X
TopArmy #3 Flag ModifierRouge232023352 000X
TopArmy #4 Flag ModifierRouge23202338E 000X
TopBlue Team - Infinite FundsMadCatz2195F13BCAEB
TopBlue Team - Infinite Health/RoundsMadCatz329851EE4095
TopBlue Team - Infinite RationsMadCatz6CBCB5F98097
TopBlue Team - Max PowerMadCatz6CD5F4706EAF
TopBlue Team - No FundsMadCatzA894E1F3EE7D
TopBlue Team - No PowerMadCatz00F4C07A3EAC
TopBlue Team - No RationsMadCatz80EED27BB64E
TopBlue Team - Weak UnitsMadCatzCCFCB47B944E
TopCO Power MaxedMadCatz9B3CA9ADB75C
TopCollect 1,000 Points per WindlongE3FEFAAB 0AE2A1F2
TopEnable Code (Must Be On)DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX00009E1F 000A
1006FD98 0007
TopFlag Modifier (Which Colour Your Troops Are)Rouge2320232DA 000X1 - Orange 2 - Blue 3 - Green 4 - Yellow 5 - Black
TopFlag Modifier (Which Colour Your Troops Are)Rouge2020232DA 0000000X1 - Orange 2 - Blue 3 - Green 4 - Yellow 5 - Black
TopFull C.O. MeterdlongD6DD968C 9F29F52B
3204D136 4D97DE2D
TopGreen Team - Infinite FundsMadCatzBBB5D9A60A3B
TopGreen Team - Infinite Health/RoundsMadCatz389879EE4095
TopGreen Team - Infinite RationsMadCatz66BC9DF98097
TopGreen Team - Max PowerMadCatzFED5FCE46E7F
TopGreen Team - No FundsMadCatz32B4C96E2EAD
TopGreen Team - No PowerMadCatz92F4C8EE3E7C
TopGreen Team - No RationsMadCatz8AEEFA7BB64E
TopGreen Team - Weak UnitsMadCatzC6FC9C7B944E
TopHave All Battle MapsdlongF2B5B4CA 95FBE705
A5280732 9E3255E5
E3DA0414 022115D4
AB27E2D8 0F7BD444
6964879D 36AA2CF2
280626E3 FC40B2F3
ABAC1595 55956977
602E7563 97E7A5A8
FC8C8542 1B41D8BD
F2F4A8C0 627C210C
7D109331 0DCFFABF
7EC7B1C4 AAE351B0
07C1BA82 D8DC618A
TopHave All Battle MapsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX42028040 FFFF
0000000D 0002
TopInfinite Funds Team 2dlongCD8D6DE3 870FD7A5
TopInfinite Funds Team 3dlong72E6282A 53C8FAB8
TopInfinite Funds Team 4dlongD7C0BCC4 1E34CDE4
TopInfinite GCodejunkies372C7DBC 82A5763D
TopInfinite Healthdlong8AF3353B 2E3620CD
30CAC7E0 AD1093C5
A275D078 C1D7E7F7
36DB0F31 7F187BA2
591F0130 DDDA4F82
Note: This code will give infinite Hp to 5 of your units. To have infinite HP for all units decrypt the codes and continue the pattern in the code. It should be obvious.
TopInfinite Health/Rounds (All Units)DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX42022694 94E4
00000032 000C
TopInfinite Health/Rounds Team 3dlong49288395 12CFD0C8
A3AD1995 FBC7F9C9
4DF1D5B4 F7C3292C
002BFA16 178065DD
2245A092 B83E6B55
045E9B14 E48DFFA1
8CEB4978 011B934F
78CAB2F7 D2A6347D
35BBC36A 6D5D5981
A1FBA10C 820C7483
67759258 F21769CF
4D558826 10C8B259
F150A12B 68298C48
5E59425B 4B55DC3B
E9ACB337 C4566A20
C1872D58 1AC91EF5
4F9DE105 1ECFC537
43AFB3E6 DB658BD6
983590A7 3BBE90D1
TopInfinite Health/Rounds Team 4dlong2B217CE1 64A761E4
52CDA2FC BAC88462
5C24101A 4E6CE680
6B02E8A7 4A85D18A
E63A0C2E 489D8CA6
EC30B199 31237431
0FC13208 6A5C3CEC
7A9F91F5 8D828457
2EBABE20 11CBD102
4AC6C14E 7FF9EF06
E8E788F1 535FAC4C
3440551D E15D6C87
C81C38F7 8C8656B2
760CE684 4C8FEE9B
EA14803B 01191B89
A39D8385 275F2BB2
92197D56 6CFDA178
61E7FC11 EC4EB7F5
A598B06F 17602A93
AF957D5E 36D62BA1
TopInfinite Money Team 1dlong40C450B8 4F5FE44C
TopInfinite Rations (All Units)DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX42022696 0063
00000032 000C
you'll be unable to load carriers.
TopInfinite Rations Team 3dlong7B2005EF 635B9E5F
8188F2C0 AA88A50D
A2AD14E6 535EFF94
65F06C91 769507FC
6D556C6D 2D1A6614
1DE30BA3 CE7514E3
CA5A7362 4124F5F7
10889330 D6276B42
5A368EF6 58011680
BEC42FE9 F69FF771
34C513B9 865BC40B
552D528F 789EF456
028CC9C1 7C573DFE
F698DD08 EBCF9364
72C6D72A 58113AF9
EC8A735F 85929E00
E97D2746 A7DE1A4B
TopInfinite Rations Team 4dlong045431ED 7E7EA599
F9B06F40 D4EFD73A
53D10124 306A5491
82480C11 1FEF4E5F
5C14A8E8 0FB06529
0D8B9979 843E46EA
2E1CC41F 322A1863
855F8DB3 B5CC9ED3
0A0F2027 55DCEBE4
78EBAA10 075E66FC
7D2E7562 14F25A3B
1FF551DD 62956ED5
862C8FFD 0F45EE60
291DD8AE AC148971
20E54140 81823EAD
A96E6D8C 06F5AFE8
0F5CB8C1 59C1F00D
35C1313E DF6D12DE
TopInfinite StockCodejunkies6A4EF8A5 BAE34D76
4A85553B 884BCDA0
TopMax StarsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX320232E1 00FF
320232E2 00FF
TopMax Stars (Opponent)DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX3202331D 00FF
3202331E 00FF
TopMust Be OnParasyte6566799F 1EC1EC05
E1E69A1C 27E45445
TopNo Fog of WardlongFA56F45B B16030C6
TopNo Funds Team 2dlong4F5307B3 8E53A97E
TopNo Funds Team 3dlongCC884108 ABF24553
TopNo Funds Team 4dlong71D91AEC 940B693C
TopNo Rations Team 2dlongB0E61637 A71E77C2
AD9D80DE 333F095C
DC67D788 B84FC09A
F7B95E6F F4B4536C
5422C991 F761B8CD
6138CF86 B7419E97
B4914478 3AAD4C04
CB992E84 C3D27DE7
08AF6A82 193BA97F
188D2216 C5221606
362B0550 A9B3ED14
0EE2428C B0E4DE48
59780582 B50F0D62
3FEDD1DF 76CC3760
D9692EE6 3B845673
F5343C31 9F9D9E9D
BDB0AF6E 424333B1
8E4143B4 CB473847
1EFB49A0 5A71AA24
TopNo Rations Team 3dlong945C0BB2 567F076E
3936F846 2D793E9B
748B4A3C 8F79D992
D42B1623 13F06B99
200EB2ED 28ED32F4
A158413F D8D578A1
63335E4A F34A5EEF
829CD0BD 398DF132
810391D9 26402904
B263507C 97FA5962
E0CC67EB D0447010
B8C69475 430CBE18
373A4703 49AF9820
B03A7E22 934EBDE9
C0C54FD2 B0F9C06E
2966E835 051384A5
158B1E4E 7AE89F8B
TopNo Rations Team 4dlong10E13BAC 95BFF3EF
BD5487A0 BC119D13
945E4900 00AC2DBE
598C2C47 AFBF7C2C
CB5AAB20 A051BB98
827F053A 9E60116F
612FADBD 29678AAE
CCE37EA6 C5259C4C
4F1123D0 593F9212
4A47C2FF 102A47A7
AF6826FD BB2424F8
A716D31F C9A019B4
A6F8295E D55F3DEF
4C85642F B767B665
BB7D1459 D5995A34
0E8C783D 8D71E577
1B9927E9 CA04D506
79F9FEDB 95E337EE
E700DC18 1B4C00D3
TopNo StarsDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX320232E1 0000
TopNo Stars (Opponent)DarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX3202331D 0000
TopPress B+Down To Activate Super ModeDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX74000130 037D
820232DE 0202
TopPress B+Up To Activate Power ModeDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX74000130 03BD
820232DE 0101
TopSuper CO Power Always In Effectdlong57EFE22E A42E1A84
TopTotal PointsCodejunkies9AC92A06 7C7F1119
TopUnit #1 - Infinite HealthMadCatz981961E67354
TopUnit #1 - Infinite RationsMadCatzC63D8DF9B354
TopUnit #1 - Infinite RoundsMadCatz75585426678B
TopUnit #1 - Infinite TurnsMadCatz9E0D7964774E
Press B on any unit to restore turn.
TopUnit #10 - Infinite HealthMadCatz833859BBB356
TopUnit #10 - Infinite RationsMadCatzDD1CB5A47356
TopUnit #10 - Infinite TurnsMadCatz9E0D7964774E
TopUnit #11 - Infinite HealthMadCatz91B051AFBA76
TopUnit #11 - Infinite RationsMadCatzCF94BDB07A76
TopUnit #11 - Infinite RoundsMadCatz7CF1646FAEA9
TopUnit #11 - Infinite TurnsMadCatz9E0D7964774E
TopUnit #12 - Infinite HealthMadCatz82B149FBBA74
TopUnit #12 - Infinite RationsMadCatzDC95A5E47A74
TopUnit #12 - Infinite RoundsMadCatz6FF07C3BAEAB
TopUnit #12 - Infinite TurnsMadCatz9E0D7964774E
TopUnit #13 - Infinite HealthMadCatzB17850AFA357
TopUnit #13 - Infinite RationsMadCatzEF5CBCB06357
TopUnit #13 - Infinite RoundsMadCatz5C39656FB788
TopUnit #13 - Infinite TurnsMadCatz9E0D7964774E
TopUnit #14 - Infinite HealthMadCatzA27948FBA355
TopUnit #14 - Infinite RationsMadCatzFC5DA4E46355
TopUnit #14 - Infinite RoundsMadCatz4F387D3BB78A
TopUnit #14 - Infinite TurnsMadCatz9E0D7964774E
TopUnit #15 - Infinite HealthMadCatzB0F140EFAA75
TopUnit #15 - Infinite RationsMadCatzEED5ACF06A75
TopUnit #15 - Infinite RoundsMadCatz5DB0752FBEAA
TopUnit #15 - Infinite TurnsMadCatz9E0D7964774E
TopUnit #16 - Infinite HealthMadCatz03B0593BBAA6
TopUnit #16 - Infinite RationsMadCatz5D94B5247AA6
TopUnit #16 - Infinite RoundsMadCatzEEF16CFBAE79
TopUnit #16 - Infinite TurnsMadCatz9E0D7964774E
TopUnit #17 - Infinite HealthMadCatz1039416FB384
TopUnit #17 - Infinite RationsMadCatz4E1DAD707384
TopUnit #17 - Infinite RoundsMadCatzFD7874AFA75B
TopUnit #17 - Infinite TurnsMadCatz9E0D7964774E
TopUnit #18 - Infinite HealthMadCatz2378583BA387
TopUnit #18 - Infinite RationsMadCatz7D5CB4246387
TopUnit #18 - Infinite RoundsMadCatzCE396DFBB758
TopUnit #18 - Infinite TurnsMadCatz9E0D7964774E
TopUnit #19 - Infinite HealthMadCatz31F0502FAAA7
TopUnit #19 - Infinite RationsMadCatz6FD4BC306AA7
TopUnit #19 - Infinite RoundsMadCatzDCB165EFBE78
TopUnit #19 - Infinite TurnsMadCatz9E0D7964774E
TopUnit #2 - Infinite HealthMadCatzAB5878B26357
TopUnit #2 - Infinite RationsMadCatzF57C94ADA357
TopUnit #2 - Infinite RoundsMadCatz46194D727788
TopUnit #2 - Infinite TurnsMadCatz9E0D7964774E
TopUnit #20 - Infinite HealthMadCatz22F1487BAAA5
TopUnit #20 - Infinite RationsMadCatz7CD5A4646AA5
TopUnit #20 - Infinite RoundsMadCatzCFB07DBBBE7A
TopUnit #20 - Infinite TurnsMadCatz9E0D7964774E
TopUnit #3 - Infinite HealthMadCatzB9D070A66A77
TopUnit #3 - Infinite RationsMadCatzE7F49CB9AA77
TopUnit #3 - Infinite RoundsMadCatz549145667EA8
TopUnit #3 - Infinite TurnsMadCatz9E0D7964774E
TopUnit #4 - Infinite HealthMadCatzAAD168F26A75
TopUnit #4 - Infinite RationsMadCatzF4F584EDAA75
TopUnit #4 - Infinite RoundsMadCatz47905D327EAA
TopUnit #4 - Infinite TurnsMadCatz9E0D7964774E
TopUnit #5 - Infinite HealthMadCatz191871267386
TopUnit #5 - Infinite RationsMadCatz473C9D39B386
TopUnit #5 - Infinite RoundsMadCatzF45944E66759
TopUnit #5 - Infinite TurnsMadCatz9E0D7964774E
TopUnit #6 - Infinite HealthMadCatz0A1969727384
TopUnit #6 - Infinite RationsMadCatz543D856DB384
TopUnit #6 - Infinite RoundsMadCatzE7585CB2675B
TopUnit #6 - Infinite TurnsMadCatz9E0D7964774E
TopUnit #7 - Infinite HealthMadCatz189161667AA4
TopUnit #7 - Infinite RationsMadCatz46B58D79BAA4
TopUnit #7 - Infinite RoundsMadCatzF5D054A66E7B
TopUnit #7 - Infinite TurnsMadCatz9E0D7964774E
TopUnit #8 - Infinite HealthMadCatz2BD078326AA7
TopUnit #8 - Infinite RationsMadCatz75F4942DAAA7
TopUnit #8 - Infinite RoundsMadCatzC6914DF27E78
TopUnit #8 - Infinite TurnsMadCatz9E0D7964774E
TopUnit #9 - Infinite HealthMadCatz385960666385
TopUnit #9 - Infinite RationsMadCatz667D8C79A385
TopUnit #9 - Infinite RoundsMadCatzD51855A6775A
TopUnit #9 - Infinite TurnsMadCatz9E0D7964774E
TopUnlock Hard CampaignMadCatz563D8D6E458D
TopUnlock Hard CampaignDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32028030 0001
TopUnlock Sound RoomMadCatz1A3DA96E458D
TopUnlock Sound RoomDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX32028031 0001
TopWar Room Mastereddlong8A6A3F34 DDB47866
CEE2C130 C8DAA113
A6C6E0E7 D78531BC
98D31529 9B9A39B4
0029D5C3 B7A29F76
12676739 D5FA729A
146BD61D 3D61981D
6B5CC620 CA676F0B
67EEB344 4BABB7F4
FEAB6F23 F89F57B9
67FD3019 BFA13F0B
82245171 16C3EF5F
210F274C 0BAF707B
95CD26D6 D168F851
A5731A4B 425444C9
58437FD6 39FEC9A1
4266A844 E43EA5B4
3443E8F9 9C85A477
596CA804 18AE83E0
CC95B12E C4A15F34
7324E0F9 0FF486F7
EEBDF967 42E770C9
9F995FC1 1194A0E7
12DED80D 35852066
A91B5752 D0A9FE3C
43D3DBE7 9E758B0C
735051C3 3718B773
C12CFD2C 7704614F
820584D0 425BCBE0
FB0145E6 2801681B
552E8368 7FE52150
60AD7E92 4D96F20A
CB98E96A F9AE6419
C0F4A7C7 2185D0B5
1115F99E E0C28929
TopWar Room MasteredMadCatz7EB69FEE7E7E
TopWar Room MasteredDarkSerge, Unknown, StalkerX4200C078 0101
0000001E 0014
4200C07A 12C0
0000001E 0014
TopWeak Units Team 2dlong6D9F9641 63DE884E
559081E5 B80EDE29
A13AD568 6D8EAF07
E223CD49 DBABF945
82A52209 192B6C95
C904A967 2899AB99
10541A77 D5B6CAD0
5B5D7ED7 256203BC
DB8A6321 13DB5E19
497A75B1 EC70C4B7
5A584D62 9C220AA5
C2AFE83D 4B778B5C
E17CD10D 6E2AD8F6
4CDA6F27 F7B7943E
029AA09F A4F60F4A
0174FA39 1300AE3B
22A22A3F 416EC4BF
F2E8AA2F 936F8AD6
TopWeak Units Team 3dlong930925B4 6E4745F7
A1397615 2264A721
948988C0 1B031FEB
2E451DD3 2AFC5CB4
9B877CA2 165F1865
A42DA0AE 963958C6
27C91FB3 7A71AC55
1FF30CB9 A836878E
87F8AE5E F8D7D5E3
8C0FA927 04110A3C
98C4DB11 40ABAE2A
B13AF13A B1061FEB
6026D2E4 EBD18B72
6832C02E B71A5F0F
65072E58 38796422
4B043BEF 683A2C47
8BC034FD D0F6317D
54B6A244 F2BF27BB
3CDC269E 247C09AC
BB338574 88307439
TopWeak Units Team 4dlongDF11E3EC F3219933
6D75753C CE6A2332
F19BA690 DBDA454D
D878FB14 0E5F574B
396D5C8B 2E5B0DC9
A9752072 CADC9E3A
30F96D81 961A8361
487A2F02 78E52A54
887D4899 E22A7774
F9993627 9BEFFBD3
72B1F39B 6F09AFFB
CC98DF21 8EBD706C
CF465732 3F167C19
9CB535F4 9B0ED0C5
9694B95D AEB0A755
3DCC3D74 BD3104E2
C8D2D1E1 B16E39B8
3118DBF4 FD4CBC06
31ECF286 72CB03A2
TopYellow Team - Infinite FundsMadCatz293DD13203CB
TopYellow Team - Infinite Health/RoundsMadCatz309859EE6295
TopYellow Team - Infinite RationsMadCatz6EBCBDF9A297
TopYellow Team - Max PowerMadCatz6C7DF479A78F
TopYellow Team - No FundsMadCatzA03CC1FA275D
TopYellow Team - No PowerMadCatz005CC073F78C
TopYellow Team - No RationsMadCatz82EEDA7B944E
TopYellow Team - Weak UnitsMadCatzCEFCBC7BB64E
Top[M] Must Be OnMadCatz911B9B36BC7C
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