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Various Game Center Achievements​

Here are all of the achievements unlocked in Game Center. Achievements for Clearing an episode bring 10 points, achievements for episode specific actions bring 20 points and achievements for overall actions bring 30 points. Completing the game gets you 50 points.

AchievementHow to unlock
"Le francais" de JeanLearn all of the "French" Jean Armstrong has to impart, Ep. 3 of PW AA " T&T
"Rookie Killer" KillerClear the 1st episode of all three games
Ace AttorneyClear all of PW AA Trilogy HD
Beware, Your Honor!Press Dahlia when she claims "The truth is... Feenie pushed him twice.", Ep. 1 of PW AA " T&T
Bridge to TurnaboutCleared Ep. 5 of PW AA " T&T
Bug SweeperFind a bug with a bug sweeper
Cordyline StrictaExamine the office plant while Gumshoe is at the Fey & Co. Law Offices, Ep. 2 of PW AA
Dabbling in FingerprintsComplete a fingerprint analysis
Edgeworth’s Grand DebutSee every animation young Edgeworth has to offer, Ep. 4 of PW AA " T&T
Farewell, My TurnaboutCleared Ep. 4 of PW AA " JFA
First StepsStarted playing PW AA Trilogy HD
Hardcore Steel Samurai FanClear all of "Turnabout Samurai" and "Farewell, My Turnabout"
His Name is... Charley?Examine the office plant while Maya is channeling Mia, Ep. 3 of PW AA
I Hate Childhood FriendsPresent Phoenix’ Attorney’s Badge to Larry and examine the string of flags, Ep. 5 of PW AA " T&T
Illuminating LuminolFind blood with Luminol
Innocent Engarde...?Plead that Matt Engarde is not guilty, Ep. 4 of PW AA " JFA
I’m an Investigative PhotographerPress "I’m an investigative photographer." during "Lotta’s New Testimony", Ep. 4 of PW AA
Judge WacknerPress Oldbag when she claims "It was the Nickel Samurai that I saw!", Ep. 4 of PW AA " JFA
Justice Ill ServedGet a bad ending
Justified Self-DefensePlead that it was justified self-defense, Ep. 2 of PW AA " JFA
Ladders vs. Step-LaddersGet every ladder vs step-ladder conversation
Lunchbox SpecialistLunchbox Specialist (Check out every lunchbox Angel Starr has to offer
Master of KurainClear all of PW AA Ep. 2, PW AA " JFA Ep. 2, PW AA " T&T Eps. 2 and 5
Metal DetectorFind something with a metal detector
Mind Your Own Business, Pal!Press Gumshoe about "It sounded like they were even talking about marriage.", Ep. 1 of PW AA " JFA
Naruhodo A. WrightoPresent Maya with Max’ profile in Phoenix’ office after taking his case, Ep. 3 of PW AA " JFA
Not So Mysterious After AllTry to move before hearing everything Iris has to say in the Main Hall, Ep. 5 of PW AA " T&T
On Billy’s Head!?Spray Luminol on the guard station cactus’ head, Ep. 5 of PW AA
Please Turn In Your BadgeAnswered "Mia Fey" when the Judge asked who the victim was, Ep. 1 of PW AA
Psyche-UnlockBreak a Psyche-Lock
Recipe for TurnaboutCleared Ep. 3 of PW AA " T&T
Reunion, and TurnaboutCleared Ep. 2 of PW AA " JFA
Rise from the AshesCleared Ep. 5 of PW AA
Secret Weapons ThreeBorrow all 3 of Gumshoe’s secret weapons, Ep. 4 of PW AA
Smells Like OldbagExamine the alien wear in Mask*DeMasque’s Hideout & Oldbag’s Command Vest at KB Security, Ep. 2 of PW AA " T&T
The Back of My BadgeExamine the back of Phoenix’ Attorney’s Badge, Ep. 5 of PW AA
The First TurnaboutCleared Ep. 1 of PW AA
The Lost TurnaboutCleared Ep. 1 of PW AA " JFA
The Stolen TurnaboutCleared Ep. 2 of PW AA " T&T
The Whole TruthPresent the Victim’s Note during the 1st cross-examination, Ep. 4 of PW AA " T&T
Turnabout BeginningsCleared Ep. 4 of PW AA " T&T
Turnabout Big TopCleared Ep. 3 of PW AA " JFA
Turnabout GoodbyesCleared Ep. 4 of PW AA
Turnabout MemoriesCleared Ep. 1 of PW AA " T&T
Turnabout SamuraiCleared Ep. 3 of PW AA
Turnabout SistersCleared Ep. 2 of PW AA
Um, Lotta Hair, Was It?Say that Lotta’s full name is Lotta Hair in the Winding Way, Ep. 2 of PW AA " JFA
Violetta’s Home-Made DonutsHave a donut offered to Phoenix by Viola, Ep. 3 of PW AA " T&T
What’s Important Here?Assert that the name on the card is what’s important, Ep. 1 of PW AA " JFA
Wrath of a JudgeAssert that the murder weapon is under the Judge’s bench, Ep. 3 of PW AA " JFA
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