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Remain close to keep absorption efficient. The absorption line gets thicker the closer you are to your target. By remaining as close as possible you can absorb them at the maximum rate. The small ring that appears next to your target indicates their health.

Super mode​

Survive for 35 seconds and the background will turn white and Super mode will begin. Your orb will begin to absorb every visible enemy, regardless of distance. Note: You are not invincible during Super mode.

Various Enemies​

The following enemies will be encountered.

EnemyHow to unlock
Blue spikesFast moving, and will turn invisible if they are at a distance. Make them reappear by establishing an absorption link with them.
Purple crossesSplit into smaller versions when absorbed. The smaller versions are absorbed very quickly and are not a threat.
Red circlesBombs that require more time to absorb than teal squares. While absorbing them, a white circle will appear to indicated their blast radius. When fully absorb them, anything caught in the blast will be destroyed.
Teal squaresNormal enemies with no special features. They will drop down onto you. You can dodge and absorb them easily.
Yellow trianglesWill form line shields when close to each other. If there are more than three triangles on the level this cause a dangerous situation that limits your space. Take them out quickly to prevent this from happening.
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