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Various Steam Achievements​

Complete the indicated task to unlock the achievement.

AchievementHow to unlock
Bearly LegalKill 100 bears in bear mode.
BombermanUnlock Pablo.
BowmasterUnlock Two Feathers.
Bragging RightsShoot a flaming bear.
Bring Out The Big GunsUnlock Duke.
Bye Bye BoonFinish story mode.
Charity SmashathonParticipate in Charity Smashathon.
Cold TurkeySurvive a peyote trip.
Combo Awareness DayParticipate in Combo Awareness Day.
Darwin AwardHeadbutt a train.
Death Or Glory!Unlock The 13th.
Emancipation ActDefeat the KKKrusher.
Erotic BadgerEarn the rank of Erotic Badger.
ExtinctioneerKill 500 bears in bear mode.
FisticuffsPunch 100 bandits.
Get On BoardRide the Soul Train.
Go West!Score a Wild Wild combo.
Gold Appreciation DayParticipate in Gold Appreciation Day.
Grand Bandito CupParticipate in the Grand Bandito Cup.
I Love You, ManGet quadruple drunk.
Legend Of The WestWin the game in No Card Mode.
Lustful CoyoteEarn the rank of Lustful Coyote.
Mercy killingShoot a flaming dog.
Murderous InstinctsKill 100 gunslingers.
National Drinkoff DayParticipate in National Drinkoff Day.
PhilistineShoot down a totem pole.
Poster BoyUnlock Billy.
PyrotechnicianUnlock Tao.
Sensual BearEarn the rank of Sensual Bear.
Sexy EagleEarn the rank of Sexy Eagle.
ShowstopperUnlock Dutch.
Sociopath SupremeKill 1000 gunslingers.
Unauthorized WithdrawalRob a bank.
Uphold The Law!Unlock Virgil.
Whistle WetterGet triple drunk.
World Murder DayParticipate in World Murder Day.
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