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Various Achievements​

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
A New Cyberpunk AdventureProgress the story to the end of the Prologue, beginning Chapter 1.10
Always The Best!Purchase at least 10 different flavors of Hassy at either the Hassy bar or at the Hospital.10
AudiophileUse the Headphones in the ITEMS menu to play every song on the soundtrack.10
Bad AssociationLexi resents you.10
BlackoutProgress the story to the end of Chapter 1, beginning Chapter 2.10
BotanistTalk positively to the house plant every chapter until it sparkles.10
Brick by Useless BrickSolve every puzzle without using the brick.10
Cardinal of CombatBeat the final boss of Mega Phobetor. Get 50k points in the first wave to unlock the boss fight.10
Cloak and DaggerProgress the story to the end of the Flower Arc.10
Cool KidConvince the punks to help you in your final quest.10
CraftyUse Item on at least 100 objects.10
CybercrackerFail to convince Lexi in Chapter One and find another solution.10
DrinktionaryGet drunk at Stardust and wander into every possible location.10
EmpatheticConvince Jess to help you in your final quest.10
Good ListenerFind and listen through all of Turing's lectures.10
Hack the WorldBecome friends with TOMCAT.10
Hands-OnUse at least 100 objects.10
Hassy Hot CupsBreak up the Genus protests peacefully.10
Iron ROMPlay through the game in a single session and never use a load or continue.10
JobberUse Night Witch until seeing at least 15 different wrestling maneuvers.10
Junior DeputyMake friends with Lexi.10
LoquaciousTalk to at least 100 objects.10
Maybe It Just Needed A Little LoveTalk to Wilty enough to keep it alive.10
No Heart To BreakHave a negative relationship with Turing by the end.10
No Turning BackProgress the story to the end of Chapter 5.10
Not a Cat Person?Jess refuses to help you in your final quest.10
ObservantLook at a minimum of 100 objects.10
PersuasionConvince Lexi to help you in Chapter One.10
PlaybackExamine the Headphones in the ITEMS menu to play a song from the soundtrack.10
Put The Thing in the DoohickeyPuzzle your first puzzle.10
Sewer SharkSuccessfully navigate the drainage tunnels on the first try.10
Smell You LaterThe punks refuse to help you in your final quest.10
Son of a GunTOMCAT resents you.10
Sophisticated TasteTry at least half of Stardust's drink menu.10
Stop The ViolenceProvoke a tough guy in the wrong part of town.10
Tears in RainProgress the story to the end of Chapter 2, beginning Chapter 3.10
The Pale RiderProgress the story to the end of the Media Arc.10
Threat NeutralizedShoot past the security ROMs without taking damage.10
Too SophisticatedOrder and drink every drink available at Stardust.10
UnsociableStrike out at the club on Hybrid Night.10
WaterloggedFail to escape the drainage tunnels before the water rises too high.10
We're Alphanumeric!Have a positive relationship with Turing by the end.10
Well, That WorkedStart a riot to clear the Genus protests.10
Worst Cab Ride EverSuccessfully trap a miscreant's taxi.10
You're HopelessFail to talk to Wilty enough to save it.10
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