18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin'

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First, go to C:Documments and settings(your user)My Documents18 WoS Haulin
Open the "config.cfg" file with Notepad.
Change those:
uset g_console "0"
uset g_developer "0"
To those:
uset g_console "1"
uset g_developer "1"
Then, save the config.cfg file...
Enter the game. Type ', or ~, it depends on your keyboard, it's the key next to number 1, below Escape...
A console will open. Type the following(exactly as it is here) and press Enter(to close the console, press ' or ~ again...)

cheat money - Increase money by $500,000
edit - Launch a Map/World Editor
exit - Return to the Main Menu
quit - Terminate the Game
sys_info - Display Operating System information
[tab] - With a blank line in the console, hit the [tab] key to display all available console commands.
If you have any problems on finding the config.cfg, just search for it on windows (Shortcut: WinKey + F).
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