18 Wheeler - American Pro Trucker (NTSC-U)

Playstation 2 Pro Action Replay codes, Gameshark codes & Game genie codes.

final kaoss

Staff member
TopHave K.I.T.A. TurboCodejunkies8A45-WB7E-JPYCK
Press R2 + L3 to activate.
TopHave More Mission TimeCodejunkiesJ2VW-WJKC-8MUY9
Press L1 to activate.
TopInfinite MoneyCode Master1AD53EA7 0000FFFF
TopInfinite TimeCode Master2A172CC4 00001740
TopK.i.t.a Turbo: Press R2+ L3Codejunkies0CCA0E26 1456B20A
4CE4C6AE 14562555
TopMax CashCodejunkies82XK-552M-VV5R6
Press R1 to activate.
TopMax Cash: Press R1Codejunkies0CCA0E26 1456B80C
1CA7B8C4 14BE598C
0CCA0E26 1456B80C
1CCD7094 14BE598C
TopMax MoneyCode Master2A2F2CC4 0098967F
TopMax ValueCode Master2A0B2CC4 0001869F
TopMore Time: Press L1Codejunkies0CCA0E26 1456AC0C
4CA7B8CC 1456BDD5
TopPress L1 For More TimeInterActD4003A37 9C781E02
14909434 3EB44A64
TopPress L1 For More TimeInterActD05F8D02 0000FBFF
103037A4 0000EA30
TopPress R1 For Max CashInterActD4003A37 9D781E0A
2404963E FFBD4BFE
D4003A37 9D781E0A
2404917E FD795B3A
TopPress R1 For Max CashInterAct0CCA0E26 1456B80C
1CA7B8C4 14BE598C
0CCA0E26 1456B80C
1CCD7094 14BE598C
TopPress R1+X For Hella SpeedCode MasterDA260B8B B20E1FC6
2A3357DA 42C80000
TopPress R2+L3 For K.I.T.A. TurboInterActD4003A27 9D781E00
14903E7D 1EB0461C
TopPress R2+L3 For K.I.T.A. TurboInterAct0CCA0E26 1456B20A
4CE4C6AE 14562555
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