🏆💰 Step into [EU] Rize.gg's Palworld Frontier: Cash Prizes Awaits! 💰🏆

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Rize.gg’s competitive Palworld community is here! Crafted for the tactical gamer who thrives
in high-stakes environments, our server is the battleground where skill and strategy lead to cash rewards.

Why Rize.gg’s Server?
Cash Prizes:
Compete for cash rewards in our upcoming community-driven tournaments.
Exclusive Community: Join a network of dedicated competitors in a server designed for those who play to win.
Tailored Server Settings: Experience gameplay perfected for competitive balance and strategic depth.

Competitive Advantages:
Gathering/Drop Rate
: 2x - Accelerate your resources and gear up for battle.
Node/Tree Health Multiplier: Increased 200% for more resources!
Enhanced EXP Rate: 1.5x - Level up and evolve your Pals quicker than ever.
Scheduled Auto-Updates: Regular, automatic updates maintain the latest gameplay enhancements.

Player & Pal Settings:
General Work Speed
: Increased by 50% for quick base development.
General Stamina/Hunger: Reduced by 50%, half the hunger/thirst means double the action.
Player Damage: Deal 50% to make mid-game easier on capturing pals.
Player Damage Taken: Take 30% less to help with the legendary pals.

Palworld Perks:
Max Pals at Base
: 20!!!
Capture Rate: 50% higher for a team of fighters or breeding partners.
Spawn Rate: 50% more Pals means more chances to find the perfect match for your squad/breeding.
Damage to Structures: Reduced by 90%!

Tournament Ready:
With cash prizes on the line, our server's competitive edge sharpens. Reach the top of the leaderboard
by mastering the game and winning tournaments. Watch for our milestone events where capturing
rare Pals like Jetragon could mean not just glory but real-world rewards.

Community Code of Conduct:
We uphold a strict policy to ensure fairness, respect, and integrity. Cheaters and toxic behavior have
no place here – we're about the pure thrill of competition and the joy of victory.

Join the Fray:
Join us on the discord link below!
Our free community is dedicated to US-based video gamers to provide a platform for exchange and support.
Join discussions on cheating, guides, exploits & tips, secrets, mods and so much more!
PSA: we do not support cheating for online/mobile/multiplayer games, which may include trainers,
mod menu's, software to modify apps etc.
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