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    I love watching these type of videos ! And our buddy :
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    Watching DC and DC TALK at the same time !

    Cool eh ? Yes, having been away from my DC for a while I decided to treat it. I rigged my iPad and DC up to my projector and had the remote switch from one to the other. I couldn't work out how to have them on at the same time - that would have been ultra cool ! Anyway, I enjoyed this set up and...
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    A Kiss when Boss is not Watching

    Hold cards an extra turnAfter you spin after holding some cards, you can very quickly click the hold buttons before they fade out to hold the cards for another spin. Works after chance holds and after the last hold for a triple. With enough speed, you can actually hold all 5 cards again.
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    EA says it’s watching Wii U, but focusing on PS4 & Xbox One

    So far, Electronic Arts has a rich history of flip-flopping when it comes to whether or not they’re going to develop games for the Wii U. During their annual investor call in May, EA admitted that it had saved on research and development costs by flatlining development on the Wii U, instead...
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