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    Van Helsing Sniper Zx100

    Survival Minigame To unlock the survival minigame, finish with a score of 666.
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    Van Helsing Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    Passwords Status - Password Vaseria village - 4H@ 5DH 311 Dracula's castle - BF1 8KF MC1 On the trail of the werewolf - 65M 5HL 611 Valken the werewolf - 54! 5DV 411 St. Peter's Basilica - 2S5 M12 111 Carriage battle - 9C1 P!W LC1 Escape from castle - 8P$ 7D8 KC1 Traveling by...
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    Guitar Hero: Van Halen to be 100% Hagar, Anthony-free

    <p>Activision confirms David Lee Roth, Wolfgang Van Halen will be the only vocalist, bassist included in hard rock supergroup's game incarnation, which includes 25 Van Halen songs, three Eddie Van Halen guitar solos, and 19 other acts. </p><p><img...
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