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    Star Wars - Shadows of the Empire (U) (V1.2) [!]

    Category Title Hacker Code Notes Top Easy Stormtrooper Kills Viper187 810B540C 460A Top Have Jetpack And All Weapons Viper187 81071474 0C00 81071476 0015 81000054 8E2E 81000056 0074 81000058 3C0F 8100005A 0007 8100005C 35EF 8100005E E040 81000060 03E0 81000062 0008 81000064 01CF 81000066...
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    XMB Control v1.2 question

    Ok so I'm using XMB Control v1.2 for the first time on PRO but how do I stop the VSH Menu from coming up when I press Select? Id like to free up my Select button.
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