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    Nintendo finally allows user game reviews

    While Nintendo has often led the gaming world in innovations and experiments, it has just as often been in a last-place position. This has been a particular issue with its online services, from network connectivity to online shops. As a result, the company's stealth update on Friday came as a...
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    Help for a new Dreamcast user

    Hi All, I have only recently discovered the joy of the Dreamcast after purchasing one online. Its the first sega I have owned since the Master system. Please can someone give me a step by step guide to downloading Mame and roms to play on the DC. I have a PAL Dreamcast as I am in New Zealand and...
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    Konami: 35k user accounts feared compromised

    "No unauthorised usage of paid services have been detected". Konami has become the latest gaming firm to be hit by a cyber attack after more than 35,000 online customer accounts were potentially compromised. Click here to read the full article More...
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    CVG user survey - get involved and improve the site!

    A chance to have your say on where we go next... Surveys, they're perhaps not the most exciting way to spend your time while visiting a web site and most people will simply click on the 'no thanks' option without a further thought, unless of course there's a cheeky 'Win some cool stuff'...
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    5.03 GEN C PSP-3000 model user looking to upgrade

    I am not a noob, and I do know how to read the tutorials, but I am very much paranoid. I read to see if my model can be upgraded to a new CFW, and it said yes. Checked out...
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    New User

    Specs: PSP 3000 09g Vers 6.39 Followed a guide and used: 6.39 PRO B-8 Everything went smooth, now what exactly can I do with this? Am I now able to read iso's? I've downloaded a sample game iso and I've placed it under /psp/game when I head to the memory stick there is nothing for me to...
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