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    Video Game Chat has been upgraded to vbulletin 4.2.1

    It took probably 15 minutes with a slight delay, however we are now running vb 4.2.1!
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    vbulletin upgraded to 4.2.0

    And now we have an activity feed that serves as the default index page.
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    Upgraded and now save is corrupted D:

    So I recently upgraded from 5.50 gen d3 with prom 4 and now my when i attempt to load my Dissidia file it says "corrupted unable to load." Would patching Dissidia fix this problem?
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    can 6.20 TN-Dbe upgraded ?

    can 6.20 TN-D be upgraded ? to 6.35 if yes please tell how im using psp 3004 , 6.20 TN-D Permanent !
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    PSP 1.52 never upgraded before, i want CFW

    Ok fellows! I'm new to the PSP scene! i just got PSP (i think it's FAT version) and i want to enable homebrew and of course, to play backup games (in case i strecth my umd's i want to be able to play games from the backups!) So i'm currently at, believe it or not 1.52 firmware and i don't know...
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    Forum upgraded to 1.2.13

    Mybb recently released a security update for mybb and so the forum is now upgraded to 1.2.13.
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