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    T2 - The Arcade Game (U) [!] game genie and Pro Action Replay Codes (for Sega Game Gear)

    Also Known As: Terminator 2 - The Arcade Game Pro Action Replay Codes: Infinite Energy - 00DCCF:80 -iamstillhiro111 Infinite [8=Shield 10=Credit 18=Both] - 00DF2E:18 Have 99 Credits (Continues) - 00DCD7:99 -Rune Infinite Missiles - 00DCCC:99 -Rune Infinite Gun - 00DCCE:A0 -iamstillhiro111...
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    T2: The Arcade Game game genie codes (for Super Nintendo)

    Super NES Game Genie codes - T2: The Arcade Game DD2A-476B Infinite missiles--player 1 DD2E-4DDB Infinite missiles--player 2 6D33-47D6 Infinite energy--player 1 6D3F-1DA6 Infinite energy--player 2 5E27-44A7 Shields lasts longer...
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