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    Japanese Systems...

    If I buy a Japanese console, do I need a special power plug to play them in the US? B/c I thought I head someone say that the Japanese and US have different power supplies.
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    Shenmue Saturn + Sega Systems Talk I wonder how much effort and millions Sega pissed away on that ? Less than sonic extreme perhaps but their Dc versions were great, so the Saturn c d r were demos in a way.
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    Any games released on all 4 6th gen systems

    Do you guys know of any games that were released on the Dreamcast, ps2 ,xbox and gamecube ? The only games I know of that have been released on all 4 6th generation video games systems are NBA 2K2 & Capcom vs SNK 2
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    Does anyone here own Naomi or Naomi 2 arcade systems here?

    As they are the arcade versions and upgraded version of dreamcast. I was wondering if anyone else owned Naomi or Naomi 2 arcade systems here. I personally own a Naomi 2 and have around 25 or so games on Cartridge and GD-Rom.
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