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    D2 NTSC-J - Are English subtitles available to set in-game?

    Hi all. I'm thinking of getting D2. I have a boot disc so region protection isn't an issue but the one thing I would like to know is the language. I know the voices are Japanese (which I prefer) but what I was wondering, are English subtitles available in the Japanese version? The US version is...
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    about subtitles in PMP Player.

    hi all I have problem with subtitle in PMP Player. I have seen the tutorial about subtitles for PMP Player but subtitles not displayed to video :S to VIDEO folder I create a another folder (example: scarymovie/scarymovie.mp4 &
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    Utilizing Subtitles....

    I have a 2000 series PSP...hacked and all. Recently recieved a copy of IP Man 2 downloaded it to my memory card...plays in Chinese, went to the menu and clicked on subtitles and nothing happened...what is it that im doing wrong? I can change the subtiles when i use a dvd player or my Mac...
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    Psp subtitles

    hello guys... i want to know that how to show subtitles in PSP.. i want to watch movies with subtitles but i dont want to harcode subtitles bcoz its time consuming. can anybody help me in this , how to view subtitles with videos in psp.
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