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    Starfox Adventures

    1 [M] DTZV-9NWX-12B9J 8144-KWY6-VMR9C MM9U-W1MA-M13JF X9AQ-40DU-YDWHD P2YR-4JW1-2W8UB 2 Infinite Health (Fox) ZRTY-37M0-WDEGK 23QF-2X61-83ND3 3 Infinite Bomb Spores XRG6-DBUJ-KVYDY 6WKY-MW4G-Q7AFV 4 Have White GrubTubs 3M6U-DCJD-J84E9 HQUP-U7J0-TJ1EW 5 Have Alpine Roots...
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    Starfox Adventures (Version 1.1)

    1 (M) Must Be On K7GB-WVPJ-CG3UY 75TM-Q9W0-VMG7B B370-N4ZP-TN960 HYGW-DM9K-66ENJ MB59-CB7H-K2T9V 2 Infinite Health Y6JF-XDX6-RPZ57 23R0-PQ8Z-QUAV4 G3AX-W84F-1RV51 3 Infinite Staff Power PWN2-PJ7N-630TY TBYZ-Q0ZQ-YEP60 4 All Staff Upgrades WBF1-UBTF-TWBPF R24F-X01T-FUV38 D6H2-13YT-1RFBF...
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    Black HoleTo enter the black hole, a secret area on the map with no apparent way in, you must enter Level 1-2 (Asteroid Belt) and keep going until you find a spinning asteroid bar. Hit the center of the asteroid bar just before you hit it. Do it with the next 2. If you hit all three bars...
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    Starfox 64

    CheatIn Sector Z, if you're losing power, go to the back of the Great Fox. You'll go in the Great Fox and come out with full power.
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