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    StarCraft 64 (USA) (Beta)

    Category Title Hacker Code Notes Top Activator 1 P1 Mr. T D0111E14 00?? Top Activator 1 P2 Mr. T D0111E1C 00?? Top Activator 2 P1 Mr. T D0111E15 00?? Top Activator 2 P2 Mr. T D0111E1D 00?? Top Dual Activator P1 Mr. T D01111E14 00?? Top Dual Activator P2 Mr. T D1111E1C 00...
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    StarCraft 64 (Australia)

    Category Title Hacker Code Notes Top All Levels Complete slab 810D1364 0C0A 810D1366 0A0A 810D1368 0A0A Top Protoss Episode III slab 800D13C6 000A Top Protoss Episode IV slab 800D1367 000A Top Terran Episode I slab 800D1364 000C Top Terran Episode V slab 800D1368 000A Top Zerg...
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    Starcraft 64

    All UpgradesIn episode terrain, play level 04, "The Jacobs Installation." You should start out in a room with one door. Bring Raynor and only Raynor through the door and through the hall (don't open any doors yet). There should be a missle wall trap at the end of the hallway, don't destroy it...
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    +10,000 gas and +10,000Hit enter during gameplay,and then type: show me the money. hit enter again.
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    Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty

    "Havens Fall": MarineIn single player campaign, search the lower left corner of the map near the refugees. You can find a frozen Marine just before the bottom left Zerg base in the water.
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    Blizzard on StarCraft Ghost: 'Nothing is happening'

    It's not happening right now, but it could in the future. StarCraft 2 lead Dustin Browder has said Blizzard isn't currently talking about reviving shelved spin-off StarCraft: Ghost. Click here to read the full articleRelated Stories Meat Gear Rising: Revengeance DLC detailed Rage DLC could...
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    1000 ore and gas Start star craft as normal. then when you start a game for instance Terran level Revolution press enter and type show me the money and press enter the screen should say cheat enabled.
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    Starcraft 64

    All Levels Complete 800B5202 000A Have All Ten Marines (1st Terran Mission) 800D13C4 000C Terran Episode 800D13C5 000A Zerg Episode II 800D13C6 000A Protoss Episode III 800D13C7 000A Protoss Episode IV 800D13C8 000A Terran Episode V 800D13C9 000A Zerg Episode VI...
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    StarCraft 2 Wings Of Liberty 2010 PC

    StarCraft 2 Wings Of Liberty 2010 PC ENG Game
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    Starcraft II drops LAN support

    This is just depressing. LAN support dropped as a security measure:
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