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    Night Stalker

    Run and shoot simultaneously: Use controller one to shoot while using the D-pad on controller two to move or vice versa. Easy robot kill: Robots can only shoot one bullet on the screen at one time. Expose part of your character to a robot so it shoots badly, then destroy the robot before its...
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    VR Stalker Cheat Codes (for 3DO)

    Passwords These password will let you start on any mission with all planes including the X-2. Utah M79-LQG-77K Arizona 5KK-LQG-77K Texas MS7-LQG-77K Gulf of Mexico 1AD-LQG-77K Colorado 15O-LQG-77K Nevada 5U1-LQG-77K Tennessee 1QO-LQG-77K Arkansas CCT-LQG-77K Virginia...
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