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    Daredevil Vs. Spiderman

    Bonus Stan Lee InterviewsGo to [Set Up] and when the [Spoken Languages] is highlighted, press [Right and a white target will appear. Press [Enter] and Stan Lee will talk about his famous sayings. Go to [Spoken Languages] and select it. When you are there, highlight [Setup] at the bottom...
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    Spiderman Web of Shadows (ULUS-10389)

    _S ULUS-10389 _G SpiderMan Web Of Shadows _C0 SPIDERMAN ON VENOM _L 0x204C7DD4 0x46010001 _C0 VENOM ON SPIDERMAN _L 0x204C7DD4 0x46010101 _C0 TOTAL SKILL POINTS _L 0x204CBC30 0x000186A0 _C0 INF RED REP _L 0x104C8800 0x00002710 _C0 INF BLACK REP _L 0x104C8804 0x00002710 _C0 INF POWER-UP USEAGE _L...
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    Spiderman X-Men GameShark Codes

    1. 0103A5D1 Infinite Lives 2. 0120F8D1 Infinite Health
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    SpiderMan 3 [ULUS-10317] [USA] [NitePR]

    Game ID:ULUS-10317 Make CheatHZ 15/1000 #Perfect Inf Health ;Hz-15 ;Bl4Ck.KiD... 0x00DDB7B8 0x40000000 0x00DDB7BC 0x40700000 0x00DDB7C0 0x40700000 #Inf Stamia ;Hz-15 ;Bl4Ck.KiD... 0x0115977C 0x46EA7000 0x01159788 0x408008BD #Flash ;Hz-15 ;Bl4Ck.KiD... 0x00DDB5C8 0x42DCCCCD 0x00DDB5CC...
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